Deputy Mayor Sherod Duncan speaks out against Ifa Kamau Cush parking fraud

ifa kamau cush the fraudster behind National Parking System

ifa kamau cush the fraudster behind National Parking System

Sherod Avery Duncan
Lack of Verifiable Information on Parking Meter Company |

In light of the impending Parking Meter System for Georgetown and the fact that I have been provided with so little information by National Parking Systems (NPS) / Smart City Solutions from which to make a quality judgment and offer my possible support to the project I have had to resort to my only independent research.

It is my firm belief that the architecture of a traffic and mobility management policy must be the construct of several stakeholders, and the culmination of signing such a contract should have had due diligence done.
In the roll out the parking meters project National Parking Systems (NPS) has touted Smart City Solutions years of experience in the area of the subject matter.
In my research I have not found any company by the name ‘Smart City Solutions’ associated with parking meter systems, in any of the places the company is purporting to have done business like Panama.
The first parking meter was rolled in the US in 1935. Since then many countries have embraced the technology, including Panama. In 2012 Panama begun transitioning from a manual to a computerized system, since collecting monies from the municipal parking meters were proving more and more difficult.
By 2015 the mayoralty began tendering for parking meters. Head of the district capital, Jose Isabel Blandon said, “The idea is not having to incur expenses for the physical placement of parking meters, since they need maintenance and are exposed to the vandalizing by criminals and others.
David Gaston Schatan, member of the Road Commission of the Panamanian Society of Engineers and Architects, said the initiative is positive, since it is urgent to modernize and enable specific public places where people can be certain that their vehicles are safe.” (LaPrensa/ Panorama)
This initiative, “…follows the recommendations of a study conducted by the Department of Urban Planning and the Transit and Ground Transportation Authority.” (The Panama Digest)
Additionally, in my independent research on Simon Moshevilli who represents Smart City Solutions I have found no one with said name connected with said company. Additionally, there is no evidence that such a company actually exists.
Research however show a “Simon D. Mosheshvili” as a Director of a company called ‘Movilot’ which operates in places like Panama and Haiti. Its website says, “Movilot is a leading “DBO” (Design-Build-Operate) Technology firm providing turnkey solutions to the mobile lottery and mobile gaming markets.”
Movilot’s other products and services include “Street Vending and POS”. “The MOVILOT vending platform is a boon to existing street vendors and shops as it creates new income streams based on the commissions that can be earned on various services from lottery sales, to cash in – cash out, to airtime sales, and other services.” (
Again, the total lack of verifiable information on the company and its capacity to execute the scope of the project and the absence of a contract on the proposed project I cannot offer my support and reaffirm my grave reservation of such a venture.

Sherod Avery Duncan, LLB, JP
Deputy Mayor, Municipality of Georgetown &
Chairman of the Legal Affairs and Security Committee; Chairman of the Information Technology Committee

simon mosheshvili is a gambling man

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