Guyana kangaroo court ‘upholds’ lawlessness in the housing sector

stabroek news got a bit overzealous with this headline

there was no battle, simple an attempt to restore order to an system that has gone completely haywire thanks to the criminals of the people’s progressive party.

this is sensationalist journalism and does not carry one quote from anyone from CH&PA

Gaytrie Singh, a single mother of four, filed a court action earlier this year after the CH&PA broke into her home and attempted to reclaim it. Continue reading

playing phagwah with granger wont remove courtney crum-ewing’s blood from anil nandlall hands

a friend of mine sent me a message yesterday
said president granger was on the phagwah dancing circuit with anil nandlall
hell is low and i didn’t believe it til he sent me the photographic evidence
today’s news headlines should’ve been, president granger strangles prime suspect in courtney crum-ewing’s assassination at Indian High commission festivities
but granger is a church man, he wont strangle criminals with his bare hands
he believes in law and order
anil nandlall is the man who had courtney crum-ewing murdered. never forget that. that’s why he keeps lying

Nandlall’s first denial occurred during an interview with Travis Chase of HGPTV on March 25. This was fifteen days after the assassination and he still occupied the attorney general’s office. Continue reading