ifa kamau cush is grand larceny

few days ago i received a court file on one ifa kamau cush
turns out like his jew mastets, ifa is also a convicted felon
more details to come as we wade deeper into parking metre quagmire

ifa kamau cush parking metre racket funded by jewish criminals from republic of georgia

this is so bizarre it’s almost beyond english
this entire thing made no sense from the beginning

enough has been said that can be read below but a brief brief
a low level negroe masquerading as a pan africanist set his sights on getting rich for the years of struggle he endured under the criminal ppp network
down in a den of thieves and snakes
city hall
he hatches a plan with four deh bad negroids looking to strike it rich
chase-green, clarke, garrett & king
and off to mexico & panama they go to look at parking metres made by a company in france with a subsidiary in new jersey and florida
anyway pick up the rest below but at some point simon enters guyana
you rememeber simon Continue reading