1. touch down
2. flex
3. nod, shake hands and watch dem in they eyes
4. get irfaan to renounce islam as a religion of terrorists
5. meet and greet with oil executives to see what problems they having in Guyana
6. tell irfaan fix dese tings before the week out
7. highlight the United States’ commitment to defend democracy
8. hold talks on regional security and the need for a US presence to ensure regional security and democracy
9. hand over prepared documents to be signed
10. highlight and remind them that investment by U.S. companies in the gas and oil sector are beyond the reaches of local laws and meddling
11. raise attention on the plight of Venezuelan migrants and the ongoing crisis in that country which the Guyana government will insert itself into
12. denounce the communist chinese and their “predatory loans” in contrast to U.S. companies’ clean and transparent investment practices throughout the hemisphere.
13. nod, shake hands and watch dem in they eyes
14. highlight the United States’ commitment to defending and destroying democracy
15. watch dem in they eyes one more time and remind them venezuela in the cross hairs
16. roll out

The secretary will only answer prepared questions submitted in advance from state media.

Exxon Mobil paying Guyana legal fees in Venezuela border claims

this is of interest to me and should be to you all. this from a far left leaning venezuelan publication. they all on the same page when it comes to their spurious claims to essequibo

“Our national sovereignty is riding on this issue and it will be remiss of us if we are not prepared and all resources are not put in place. The actual amount is more than US$15M but less than US$20M. This is not the first time we are going this route as it was done with the CGX Energy and Suriname after the June 2000 incident with the Surinamese coastguard. The PPP [People’s Progressive Party] was then in office. This is nothing new. This is not a signing bonus, but rather we are garnering the resources to prepare for the case. This is a sovereignty issue,” the officials said.