afro Guyanese will teach apnu afc a dear lesson

afro guyanese are responsible for attacking directly & indirectly
then bringing down the pnc govt [burnham & hoyte aka desmond persaud]
not cheddi jagan and his faux commie accolytes
the 1992 electoral victory by cheddar & co. was made possible after a long battle waged by afros against the pnc
cheddar waltzed in and collected the spoils
and it is this same grouping that will cost the current govt dearly if current trends hold and they decide to experiment with free & fair elections come 2020

disrespect, contempt & neglect are reoccurring themes

the negroe scramble to accumulate cash and toys is still a national sport
at levels of odious that only keep rising

jagdeo the current misleader of the straight hair negroe brigade awaits his third term as we meander & stumble closer to guyana race games 2020

every which way you turn it
it’s staring right back at you
disrespect, contempt & neglect

is we put yuh deh sings the calypsonian
so what? says the politrickshun
you shall see says the population

is we put yuh deh
an’ doan t’ink
we will do it again

I coulda swear you was lighter mark jacobs

getting intro to a beautiful young guyana woman the other night by a smoker herself 🙂
this is mark jacobs
hi nice to meet you, mark
mark? mark jacobs?
yea mark
i coulda swear you were lighter
i coulda swear you wuz lighter
well, maybe deep down inside there’s a white boy inside waiting to jump out
she looked at ne in disbelief and shook her head
somewhere somehow my ad department misled her

black is me baby
embrace it