ifa kamau cush doubles down on his Guyana parking metre scam

quite a few rare gemstones in the batel as IRFAN cush keeps on spinning
there will be more to this fuh sure

is this a freudian slip or does stabroek news know something more about fishbone cush? they are now calling him IRFAN. you know the original irfaan is also a scamp
ifa kamau cush going as irfaan

a few questions for irfaan if he’s got the time:

  1. can we see a copy of your 1995 proposal?
  2. can we see a copy of your 1999 contract?
  3. can we see a copy of your 49 year contract with the city of Georgetown?
  4. where and when was national parking systems registered?
  5. who are the officers?
  6. what’s the business address?
  7. what’s your official role in national parking systems?
  8. what other parking related business has this company ever conducted? where? be specific
  9. you claim that smart city is a ‘corporate entity’, where and when was smart city solutions incorporated?
  10. you also claim that smart city solutions is part of a ‘consortium’, could you name the other companies in the group?
  11. who are the key officers?
  12. you claim to be a director, who are the other officers?
  13. what other parking related business has this company ever conducted? where? be specific
  14. what’s the business address?
  15. what’s simon moshevilli official title in smart city solutions?
  16. can we see a resume of said simon?
  17. who made the mistake that caused it to be reported in the press that national parking solutions signed the contract with city hall?
  18. will your metres take bills or coins?
  19. are you aware that the ministry of finance is about to phase out coins?
  20. how will you collect the $5 of your $125 per 15 minute after coins are phased out?
  21. besides bribes, gifts & kickbacks, on what have you spent $10 million in guyana the past few weeks as you say?
  22. who are your financial folks and where are they getting this financing?
  23. in the age of anti money laundering and terror financing are you aware that all this information will have to be public?

When asked the cost of a unit or the total cost of all the parking meters that are to be procured in the first phase, Cush said, “…Not just a cost of meters. For instance we have spent over $10M over the past six weeks so it’s not a question of the cost per meter, we are not talking about shoes and bread here. The entire thing will cost north of US$10M and we haven’t worked out what part goes into the meters, our financial folks will have to work that out.”

prediction: irfaan cush is this close to completely joking himself out. but prediction says he will keep going and going and going til he’s gone

5 thoughts on “ifa kamau cush doubles down on his Guyana parking metre scam

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