Everything Guyana govt says about covid vaccines is a lie

on good information from people in the know since the $camdemique started I’ve pointed out that everything the Guyana says about Rona is a lie. Everything

Infection rates are bogus. Death rates are falsified. Vaccinated persons fabricated. Cost of vaccines a racket. Etc etc

In November 2021 Frankie boy the minister of health said 51% of the population was fully vaccinated. Whatever that means. Many moons later some govt goons went as high as 73%

Five months and many real and bogus vaccines later PAHO says less than half the population fully vaccinated.

Since PAHO and Frankie both can’t be right, who you think lying again?

1st Lady Arya Ali & the ongoing oppression of Africans in Guyana

The first lady (in white shirt) must know that her husband 0019 and friends are waging a war against Haitians in Guyana. Which is an extension of the PPP race war against Afro Guyanese
Yet here she is in Region 1 using tax payers money and state resources to share out gifts to Venezuelans
She must also know that Venezuela is a hostile nation with military intentions for Guyana. The poor anywhere deserve assistance, but don’t fling these phony humanitarian assistance propaganda stunts in our faces. What if we fling something back? Should we?
All you self minted touchables still have time to change your wicked ways because we Africans
yes I said we
We Africans will not tolerate racial oppression forever and slave like conditions in Guyana.
We have a prolific history of burning plantations
remember me to 1763
doan fall fuh schuminess Black people

Resist these devils
It’s in the Bible