Euvonie Georges Auguste has gone home to the ancestors

Euvonie Georges Auguste has gone home to the ancestors
Last month this giant and mambo extraordinaire passed away and was buried in #haiti
Euvonie represented #vodou without apologies and for that alone statues should be built in her honour.

I am thankful to have been in her presence on a few occasions.

You could hear her from the gate and her personality was beyond words. I remember her for many many things and her memory lives on.

I’d been to a small vodou ceremony and wanted to learn more around the time I met Euvonie. I had no clue who she was but I know I was in the presence of African Royalty.

As Fete Gede approached a friend told me she was going with Euvonie and I said I wanted to go too. A few people warned me about those vodou people which I immediately ignored.

Euvonie came and picked us up and off we went as her special guests. It was an intriguing night in port au prince. People we’re still mourning the dead and missing from the earthquake but there was electricity in the air.

There were thousands of people outside and a few thousand more inside. The drums and horns were already going as we entered.

Euvonie looked at us with a big smile. I don’t remember her saying anything. She just smiled. Welcome. Enjoy. You’re gonna be glad you came. I’ve got work to do. She just smiled and went off with the other mambos to celebrate with the gods.

At some point in the ceremony she had on a black tuxedo and hat, smoking a cigar. She was always happy, but this was bliss.

Occasionally like a doting mother she’d glance up at us and flash her trademark smile. We had the privilege of going to more ceremonies but that night was magic.

“I was born Catholic, I grew up Protestant. At 23, I became a non-believer. I wandered, wandered a lot, I was constantly looking for myself, without knowing how to find myself. Finally at 28, I went back home, drank from the source and met Bôdjè. I married him and am still today a Hounsi”

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