Stabroek News reporting on GUYSUCO is scandal rag gold

The low journalist standards at Stabroek News leads me to believe they are feverishly auditioning for entry into the pantheon of scandal rags.

I’ve written extensively about GUYSUCO and the disaster that it has become. I support the complete closure of the sugar factories and a program of new crops be put in place immediately. Bharat Jagdeo and friends have destroyed GUYSUCO beyond repair and plundered billions in the process.

Unlike most of the usual suspects in government and Parliament I come from a cane farming family. We’ve planted cane, fertilized cane, dug drains, burnt cane, chopped cane and transported it to the estate.

Having said that, the January 22, 2022 edition of Stabroek News can best be considered scandal rag glorious. Has Stabroek replaced The Mirror as the official outlet of PPP nonsense?

An article titled GuySuCo able to earn over $1.7B from packaged sugar appeared in the news section of all places.

I dont want to waste too much time on this but paragraph one made it clear that GuySuCo made $1.7 billion US in the waning months of 2021.

Let’s put these numbers in perspective, shall we?

1.7 billion USD is approximately 340 billion GYD. The national budget for 2021 was 383.1 billion GYD.

One more.

According to the government, Guyana 2% is somewhere between 500 and 600 million USD. So if you’re tracking, as 2021 ticked away, GUYSUCO made three times the oil revenue selling sugar in one pound plastic bags.

Now, some people might say, ow dem mek a mistake. To those I can examine the myth as presented also showing what an absurd lie this is too. And to be passed on to the public as news, Stabroek News should be ashamed. Should being the operative word there.

BREAKING NEWS! The packaging plant has never made 1.7 billion of anything since it came into existence.

Stabroek is stepping out of the shadows, emboldened by the new freedoms offered by the self-minted touchables, in the Cooperative Republic of Exxon.

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