revolution is necessary as long as the state sponsors violence

There are people you know right now who are not doing so well. Take some time out to help them

I received this photo from someone on Christmas day and this was the family meal. This wasn’t a lament or a plea for help, the person just wanted to genuinely share what they were having for their Christmas meal. The sight of it sent a jolt through my body cause I know this is poverty and the state is the biggest purveyor of this sort of violence.

When the state is inflicting violence on the people, at every level it must be fought. Sometimes in the open, but many times the battle against these enemies of the people will be waged covertly. until that glorious day when…well you know the rest of the story

There are people in Guyana eating egg and rice right now, that is when they can afford the egg. This in the world’s fastest growing economy.

It’s worth noting that agriculture is a science, economics isn’t. That’s why you get nonsense like that thrown up in the face of the public, as if one day the rising tide will stop sinking their boats.

poverty is state sponsored VIOLENCE
but revolution answer prayers
follow your Northstar to freedom

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