Guyana govt shade house program is highly flawed

If you reading this and you have a direct contact with 0019 and company, take this message and craft it as you own. You will save a lotta people a whole lotta heart ache and financial loss.

President 0019 was recently going on in the press about a great initiative he about to embark on. Broccoli, cauliflower and carrots growing in shade houses across the land. Seems like a good idea until you examine the info presented thus far.

From the govt info released they are going to build 150 shade houses at a million a piece and each young person who gets one should clear $300,000 per year. Other numbers tossed around by 0019 was a $70 million reduction in food imports etc cetera

I could go on in depth why this won’t happen, but I ain want throw water pon nobody ember at this time. I’ll just deal with the structure right about now.

Galvanized pipe shade house
The model being built at NAREI

I have a good amount of experience building greenhouses, shade houses, lean to or whatever name you want use. All for the same purpose, providing cover for crops.

The model being built and the million dollar price tag is nothing short of madness. Without calculating any other expense, it would take this operation three years to clear that cost off, using the $300,000 per year income claim. Small scale vegetable production is profitable from year one of done properly.

Dubai is overpopulated by misleaders and their entourage who are incapable of many things, chief among these might be the inability to know when you don’t know.

The internet is full of models and designs that can be easily copied and duplicated. Given the stated goal is good food, presumably organic why a wood frame? It will have to be treated to avoid wood ants infestation which means chemicals which means you can’t call what’s produced inside organic.

There is no need for all that wood and posts as the sole purpose of the frame is to hold the plastic in place.

We can go on and on but will leave it at that.

Oh one more thing. A shade house production of carrots in Guyana is a waste of space and will not achieve the desired results. The argument could possibly be made for broccoli and cauliflower as well.

At the most depending on variety you will get three harvests per year. Four if you cooking with highly refined crisco. Most and probably none of the farmers engaged have any experience growing any of these crops on a commercial scale.

Once they release more detailed numbers we can examine it further. But you see where this is going? The misguided excursions of misleaders should not be tolerated in any sector and especially the agri sector as you see them now blaming “global phenomenon” for the high price of plantain and the like.

If they can’t feed you, they can’t lead you. unless your final destination is hell.

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