revolution is the only option left 2% people

I know some uh y’all Dubai people scared of revolution cause you think you gonna 2% your way to wealth

but just in case you missed my last 3000 messages, it’s the only option you have. stop dabbling iN self delusion and deal with reality

here’s this negroe 0019 looking meek and mild next to Rowley advocating for Brasil to join CARICOM Agri task force. Do you understand what that means?

and if that wasn’t bad enough, the negroe goes to Barbados and promising the youths there agricultural land in Guyana

this is a bit too absurd to even continue. get yourself in order and begin the process of liberating your plantations. with fire if necessary

run tell dat

Guyana Agri-Investment Forum & expo is a cruel joke

Nothing good to benefit the people of Dubai will come of this and I’m open to being proven wrong
Foreigners and well connected straight hair negroes will bribe their way to owning more land and resources and maybe they’ll build big plantations and employ natives and treat them like slaves like us happening in the oil and gas industry. and pretty soon like the other Dubai, they will import untouchables from Asia to work those plantations from sun up to sun down

And at night they will drink rum and fight amongst themselves

In short, in the name of divellupments, 0019 & co. will sell out everything left to be be sold to the same foreign pirates plundering your petroleum reserves and they will produce food for export.

someone has tampered with your mind if you believe the low level criminals that brought you this far will ever drag you out of the muck. these self minted touchables fighting hard to keep you on the plantation

stop being docile in your logies. you’ve got nothing to loose but your chains
liberate your plantation and build something new 🔥