Mae Toussaint Jr. Thomas, international junior criminal

Guyana Ministry of Home Affairs Permanent Secretary, Mae Toussaint Jr. Thomas has found herself caught up in international scandal and crimes.

Muslim convert Mae Toussaint Jr. Thomas

she was playing her normal bag lady role for the syndicate on her way home to China and get buck up at Miami international airport. For those of you who don’t know, the boys and girls at Miami Intl seems to get their rocks off bucking up criminals real and imagined

according to Mar, some male agents feel she up, put on handcuffs and throw she up against the wall. no surprise there, they wrong on all counts but especially on a woman, Muslim convert in the holy month of Ramadan. Mae had to reroute through England back to Dubai because her US visa get Tek back

low level negroes travelling on a diplomatic passport are not exempt from being thrown up against the wall and given the treatment

What’s not so holy is the American bank account connected to Mae Toussaint Jr. Thomas where millions of dollars have been deposited and withdrawn from over the past few years. This doesn’t include bribes, kickbacks and gun license money collected in Dubai

In order not to cause further embarrassment to their friends in Dubai, Mae Toussaint Jr. Thomas will not be charged or prosecuted by the Americans but it’s highly unlikely the cell phone getting returned anytime soon. Lots of valuable info on there to process and examine

so all y’all who been having fun with Mae discussing rackets and payments, you could be next up against the wall.


One response to “Mae Toussaint Jr. Thomas, international junior criminal”

  1. Leyland Roopnaraine Avatar
    Leyland Roopnaraine

    Crooked & fraudulent Guyanese officials ! What’s new ??

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