psychedelics & guysuco go hand in glove

dat negroe on the right is the ceo of guysuco sasenarine singh bonding with a cane cutter in berbice. dat bundle of cane he sittin on goin on dat chap head to load in a punt when sase done talk he you know what
an it look like sase holdin on to a pretty sizable conga pump tree which is a sign of field neglect. but sase wont know the difference so no need expounding
you have to be on some serious heavy heavy mind bending psychedelics to believe this will end nice. this guy supposedly will oversee an oil and gas facility next. yall better pray sweet baby jesus come back quick.
the ppp, the junior capitalist of the psc and co will never rise to mediocrity.
the problem with guyana is half the people delusional, half jus trying to escape pain and the other 13% ain want trouble wid dese self minted touchables
but there are only two options in life. conform or rebel
choose wisely and follow your north star to freedom
or you can trek on down the mud dam back to your logies, and drift off into dreamland replayin the promises of a bright tomorrow. dubai on the north coast and what have you

take a look at your children one last time before you blow out dat flambeau

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