CHPA IT Dept Head has a masters degree but no bachelors degree

Just ran across this email I wrote to another board member at CHPA in May 2017. This guy worked under irfaan ali 🤣


Something very odd happened today but other matters were on the agenda and did not want to waste too much time exploring it.

HR Manager Sanscoulotte will eventually be fired for her incompetence etc and she is in the middle of lots of illegal and questionable activities at CH&PA as well.

Today she presented two persons for promotion based on newly acquired academic qualifications. One was Donelle Bascombe from the Squatter Settlement department and the other the IT dept head Andre Ally.

I’ll send a copy of the document. I thought maybe I missed something but it had Ms. Bascomb’s academic history and shows she had a bachelors etc but Ally’s write up only shows that he has a masters degree and some certification from microsoft.
I asked the HR how is it possible to get a masters degree without a bachelors and she gave some convoluted answer. She herself didn’t look like she believed what she was saying. Am not sure that was captured in the minutes as that is also not reflective of our meetings.

There are lots of fly y night places that can give you any degree you want and that’s happening in Guyana. I cant recall exactly what this masters degree was given in but I dont recall it being in anything computer related. How these guys with bogus qualification operate is that nothing else matters except this new qualification. How you got there is irrelevant. His pay is elevated close to 400,000 per month based on this new qualification.

The IT department is critical and the Head is in way over his head. I am certain he only received that job because of his political connections. He is very weak in all aspects of IT and does very little work or present solutions to anything. No agency would make him head of their IT department. A systems analyst who left the job and a staff currently in the department is way more qualified and capable than him.

will do a more detailed write up on this later and send to all members.

humble regards,

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