as a Black man, I see Kamala Harris as a mercenary

a lotta people gonna be upset about this but I gotta say it

I discovered Kamala Harris this week. strange but true. I’ve been out of the usa for over a decade and paid very little attention to the personalities in the politics.

I’d seen her face a few times but I knew absolutely nothing about this woman. until last week I didnt even know she was a senator representing the great state of california.

At this moment I dont care if she calls herself black, east indian, south Asian or jamaican

I dont care where she was born or if trump and his idiot squad dont think she’s American enough.

I dont care that she is married to a whiteman or that her father ancestors owned a slave plantation in jamaica

What I do care about is the war Kamala successfully waged against the black community and poor people in general.

I spent a few hours reading about some of the lives destroyed by Kamala Harris. False arrests, wrongful convictions, hiding evidence, fighting against body cameras, refusing to prosecute killer cops, keeping people locked up after they’ve been proven innocent, fighting against DNA testing of evidence, calling herself a top cop and the list goes on.

I cant in good conscience fall for this.

I’ve been a victim of police violence and harassment, I’ve had them pull their guns on me and lock me up. Behind the scenes it’s people like Kamla Harris who keep the machine running smoothly and give dem the wink and a nod.

I got you baby. Keep the pressure on them and we will protect you.

Unlike millions of other Black men I was able to escape the prison industrial complex.

Kamla Harris is a mercenary, a soldier of fortune. Whether she has a personal problem with Black men as I hear some saying, I have no idea and really dont care. But in Kamla, a Black face represents and defends white power.

The system is working out just fine cause Kamla has now turned to the community she terrorised to help her get to the White House. And those who dont support her, in a weird twist of faith, will be called traitors of the race for not supporting a woman who built her career oppressing them.

Barack Obama was not a prosecutor and couldn’t bring himself to condemn police violence and murder against African Americans under his watch. Highly unlikely miss law and order will.

Trump is the devil and Kamala is your saviour. Here to rescue you from hellfire and damnation. Pretty soon she will be in the churches with you, kickin back dem pews, clapping an ah shoutin an ketchin de holy ghost spirit.

They running a con game on you. Heads they win, tail you loose.

Kamla has now rediscovered her soul maybe one day, so will you.

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