police & the fowl duck tief

one thing i love about the Guyana Police is they serious bout they wuk when they get good and ready fuh do it. Limited resources and all.
I been gaffin wid some uh dem police frens of mine a time. we is frens now.
everybody lyin, tellin joke and true true story. not me though. i jus deh lissenin
so dem man tellin me bout a time they been chasin a fowl duck tief in yarrowkabra
an we deh runnin he down rite an bai wuh ne name lick off two shot bow bow an hollerin stop yuh mudda so an so before we kill yuh so and so bai is de police stap run yuh mudda so an so.
well obviously the fowl duck tief know is de police an he ain stoppin cause he ain waan spend no time in jail so he runnin helter skelter an we deh suh rite behin he runnin he down
well de chase now start get hot an rite in de middle uh de chase de fowl duck tief mek suh an shy de bag sideway suh bank a turn an bruk out wid even moe speed.
well yuh ain gah axe. we is police yea but is not like we gettin plenty pay fuh chase aftuh people duck an fowl
so we de Police breaks off the chase gather up the fowls dem an the ducks an we beat a hasty retreat to base

so am, wuh happen to the people fowls an ducks?

wuh happen? WUH HAPPEN? yuh kicksin out eh rastaman. rite? wuh happen to fowl an duck? we cook curry, we mek souse, we cook cookup, bora, okro and callaloo. we cook roadt chicken
we bake it, we roast duck. wuh moe bai tell he. two months pass before we buy meat again

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