Nightmare before Christmas Welcome to Jurassic Park by Paul Saunders

The APNU-AFC coalition government has imploded. It was inevitable. But it has been a nice three years of experimentation with recycled, obsolete, archaic, anachronistic, defunct, backward political thought, methods and policies.
But then again, Guyana is the land that time forgot. The cretaceous mindset- the dangerous anthropophagos political instincts – has not yet been fossilized into the bedrock of our history. Like a disease, its virus has mutated into various manifestations of wickedness into the national psyche. Its viral toxicity permeates society infecting all institutions. No one is really free.
This is Guyana. A hell-hole of a country in which its main export is people.
What a badass. Chandradass Persaud. A Minister of Parliament representing the AFC and the coalition government voted with the opposition PPP and carried a No Confidence vote against the APNU-AFC coalition. Nice. Very nice.
The fella said he voted his “conscience” and he can no longer rubber stamp the shit that goes on for government in Guyana. And he has had nothing to show his constituent for his representation.
Word. His party, the AFC, was quick to expel him for the betrayal.
Well look who’s talking. The AFC has betrayed Guyanese. Fair and square. When the AFC emerged, it was a nice break away from the old politics. Already fatigued by the insanity, dirtiness of the PPP and PNC the masses were ready to welcome them.
Racial harmony, justice, clean politics, fairness. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Guyanese were signing up. New politics. New leaders. New Guyana. Excited, driven by youthful energy, people were subscribing to the belief that a new era of political thought has dawn; that there was still hope for Guyana.
Was the AFC enough to unseat the PPP?
Nuh. So they linked up with the ferocious PNC and the dwindling WPA. An odd arrangement but it had promise. The APNU-AFC coalition’s victory over the PPP was slim, marginal.
Slim, marginal victory is a different thing that a landslide. The coalition won narrowly; the PPP kinda lost. The fragility of that equation seemed to have been forgotten by APNU-AFC. They also seemed to have forgotten the folks who took the fight to the PPP.
I empathize with Freedie Kissoon’s narrative on how they treated the frontline warriors who tackled the corrupt PPP.
Kissoon has been in the trenches of this battle in a more intimate way than I did. For the most part, I conducted psychological warfare against the House of Thieves. My writing activism is represented by years and years of blasting at the scandals, malfeasance and sleaze of the PPP. And leading up to the 2015 elections, I bought every kind of firepower to bear upon the PPP.
Political experience has taught me that not every soldier who goes out into the battlefield will be decorated. Like Freddie Kissoon, I thought a “thank you” note would have sufficed. I never anticipated the bullshit “awards” or “Recognitions”. The Johnny-come-lately clowns were ok with that at the ceremony.
Some folks have agitated me, suggesting at what I had fought for: an incompetent, insensitive, mediocre, corrupt coalition.
No I did not fight for that. But I’ll let know what I fought against. I fought against an oligarchy that developed a criminal state; I fought against the development of a narco state, organized crime, the Phantom Squad, the murderous Fineman and his gang, the Buxton Taliban, and a ruling clique that was cozying up with the creatures of the underworld.
And yes, while I was highlighting the poverty and indecent living conditions of the poor, the disparity between the ruling elite and the sugar workers and farmers, I was also duking it out with Indo and Afro racists.
The coalition has failed. Because they became the very thing they fought against. I warned after the 2015 elections to beaware of Greeks bearing gifts.
That metaphor might have come too late. Hustlers, grifters, bootlickers, carpetbaggers, hucksters, opportunists were all connected to their respective guy in government. The scandals, squandermania, nepotism, corruption that occured under the APNU-AFC is a continuum of what the PPP had pioneered.
So we are back to square one. Jurassic Park.
Paul Sanders – December 23, 2018

2 responses to “Nightmare before Christmas Welcome to Jurassic Park by Paul Saunders”

  1. Fitzgerald Martin Avatar
    Fitzgerald Martin

    Any further attempt to simplify this is impossible. However the Lens needed to make this any clearer may not have been developed as yet. But as you say, we must refuse to be suffocated by the ignorance of a vocal few. Hustlers, grifters ,bootlickers, opportunists masquerading as some sort of something, does the coalition no good. I vouchsafe to say,this hodgepodge collection of opportunists have done the coalition more harm than the may think.

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