was you i see wid yuh boyfren?

enjoying a cold one at a newly discovered watering hole the other night
the ole lady working the bar
complaining how the young girls ain like wuk
and how as soon as they wuk a couple day an mek lil money no guarantee you gon see dem again for a couple days
is cane cutter country we existing in
i try the new beer
she watching me and smile
yuh ain run off yet an leff yuh husband?
naah. not yet maybe soon
she come close and whisper something but i ain hear she properly
is you duck in hey de odda nite wid yuh boyfren?
is you come in hey de odda nite wid yuh boyfren?
no dat wasnt me
yuh suuuuure?
yea ah tink so
but he look jus like you though
hmmm ok
yuh comin tomorrow nite?
me ain know why?
cause dey gon got music and people and suh
welllllll…not de type you gon waan

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