Guyanese love to bestow lofty titles on average chaps doing things anyone can do. More than once I read of people calling yesu persaud a maverick and one time I couldn’t tek it no more and asked what’s so maverick about making rum or issuing loans to poor people at 24%?

Well is who tell me seh suh? Yesu hinduvta brigade almost lick off meh head 😂


If capitalism is to survive in the 21st. CENTURY – with a HUMAN FACE – certainly, Yesu Persaud will not be the one with a HUMAN FACE.

I have read so much NONSENSE showering praise on this brutal BUSINESS man, some even misusing the word SCREWED for SHREWD.

Would anyone be shocked to KNOW that Mr. Yesu Persaud, the proud MANUFACTURER of alcoholic beverages, a lethal drink that kills the brains and the private part of a man, is ADAMANTLY OPPOSED to the SETTING UP of the AGRICULTURE AND INDUSTRIAL BANK (GAIBANK).

Yesu Persaud and the ENTIRE group of COMMERCE BANKS in Guyana – sitting on 300 BILLION DOLLARS – are in CONSPIRACY not to re-establish the GAIBANK, a brilliant IDEA of the country’s First PRESIDENT, L.F.S BURNHAM, who many of us called a DICTATOR.

But why is Mr. Persaud and his BIG BUSINESS friends so FIRMLY AGAINST GAIBANK? What personal benefits does he get for his active OPPOSITION? He promotes IPED-which lends money to farmers and others at very high interest rates, comparable to GAIBANK, that would have lent FARMERS money at 5% interest.

Mr. Yesu Persaud is backed by the AFC LEADERSHIP, particularly by Ministers Noel Holder and Dominic GASKIN, BUSINESS Minister.

FINANCE Minister Winston Jordan, a creature of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) placed a damper on GAIBANK.

Minister Jordan PROMISED me to do a feasibility study nearly 3 years ago, when we met socially at a STATE House reception, in the presence of Minister Holder. We are still awaiting the RESULTS of the study purportedly carried out by Caricom Bank.

That Minister Jordan heads this REACTIONARY elite GROUP of UNDERDEVELOPERS to stop this COALITION PROMISE, is no surprise to me and hundreds of thousands of Guyanese, in Guyana and ABROAD.

This rapacious CLASS intends to slow the rapid development of our COUNTRY, for their own selfish reasons. Minister HOLDER travels around the world, hopelessly promoting MEGA FARMS; only recently he is seen with rip off merchants from neighbouring Brazil, PROMOTING the idea of GMO crops that will DESTROY our small farmers LIVELIHOOD and bring total destruction to our food chain.

Those who promote Yesu Persaud are PROMOTING a man that has no MORAL RECTITUDE. I saw him at Hindu ceremonies HONOURABLE welcomed by the SWAMI at the Hindu school at Cornea Ida, as if he was the incarnation of Lord Shiva. What level of hypocracy, coming from a man, who preaches the FUNDAMENTALS of a Glorious philosophy, HINDUISM – the CULTURE of my ANCESTRY.

This WEST COAST DEMERARA SWAMI promoted the idea of HINDUISM as a creed for CHANGE. That was the topic of his Poweful SPEECH that he made more than15 years ago at the London Hindu temple, when he stayed at my house in London doing his Phd research.

We worked COLLECTIVELY on his SPEECH. He is a BROTHER with a deep sense of JUSTICE, but found himself PROMOTING REACTIONARY elements, who hide under the cover of HINDUISM, as some do with ISLAM.

I despise the BEHAVIOUR of Bharrat JAGDEO, but agree with him about the rapaciousness of Mr. Yesu Persaud.

Would Mr. PERSAUD SUPPORT the campaign for the Removal of LAWS that PREVENT the Cultivation of HEMP, that will make the POOREST farmer become a MILLIONAIRE overnight? I stake my bet, he will stay far from this public CHALLENGE. He will stick with the manufacturing of ALCOHOLIC drinks that is a STULTIFICATION of our people, which every day destroys our YOUNGER generation – the FUTURE OF GUYANA.

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