uree varsywk on the courtney crum-ewing hit team? ask team leader anil nandlall

a police marksman slash killer goes rogue and ends up imprisoned by his friends
after a prison “breakout” and months on “the run” said marksman killer is “discovered” hiding next to a police outpost with fellow killer escapee (a well established tradition)
marksman and fellow killer friend are “ambushed” by highly trained police & soldiers around midnight
it gets murky after the sun rises
marksman is dead from what police claim is a “gunshot” to head after a long firefight
bullets make circular entry points
dead man has a long laceration to head where “bullet” entered
fellow killer escapes into the night
kinda like the occupants of a certain plane who vanished in broad daylight in the flat savannah
but dont leh we go deh
the police made several attempts to hoodwink the mutton and had some free media assistance in doing so
but does this make sense?
a military & police operation to capture two dangerous criminals encircle a wooden shack about midnight.
one man with a 9mm handgun holds the invading force with at bay with a 9mm pistol
remember, this is said to be an “intelligence led” ambush on a wooden shack in the dead of night!?
the suppressive fire of his 9mm fire supposedly was so heavy, it created a corridor of escape for the other killer
is some real sorry jokers you dealing with hey
after this massive gun fight, varsywk was found dead with one bullet wound to his head
that’s the guyana police force “official” story
i wont even bother linking to that bullshiz

two men in a shack ambushed after an “intelligence led” police and army operation after midnight
one escape and the other dead of a “gunshot” wound to the top of his head
maybe later we will learn he was lying prone atop the sandbags of his foxhole

there is scunt then there is scunt
and somewhere long after that second scunt are the bullshit stories told by the guyana police force to cover their crimes

courtney crum-ewing died for your sins guyana
remember that in your deliberations & racketeering

Mark Benschop
According to SOLID information, this ex-cop and prison escapee (now DECEASED…DEAD) was part of a PPP regime controlled gang, which included serving members and ex-members (some senior ranks) of the Guyana Police Force, some so-called businessmen, and certain controversial aides to Jagdeo.

According to the source, Uree and his fellow gang members are responsible for many murders and robberies, including the assassination of Courtney Crum-Ewing. The source also revealed that the ex-cop received a couple million dollars for that hit….however, prior to that assassination, he was also instructed to execute me. But, he refused.

Note, this story is CONSISTENT with what “Grey Boy” was also asked to do by the bodyguard of then Attorney General, Anil Nandalal. Again, an INDEPENDENT investigation will exposed the PPP, and some very high ranking police officers, and others. #TimeToInvestigate

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