poverty is violence – Guyana mother abandons two children

daily the violence of poverty is on display
if you looking you will see
and this is nothing new contrary to the constant chatter of the raphus cucullatus brigade of the ppp
poverty is real across this land of perpetual plentiful

there is the case of the mother of plenty fathered by many who surrendered her daughter to one of the plenty for a few coins
and maybe the distant possibility of him marrying her
win back his love
she never had it and never will
join the line of the many who’ve told her exactly that
he’s moved on leaving a trail of women in his wake
some alive

the social worker recounts tales of horrors behind a mountain of tattered paper
case files
she’s tired
surrounded by ply board
this is a government building, built by jagdeo and his boys in their heyday
the office has a power outlet attached to a drop cord where she charges her phone
and a landline telephone from the 80s
other than that, it’s just paper of cases lost in the system
women, girls and boys forgotten by the farces that be
their cases forever lost in the kangaroo courts of Guyana

her face has a pained look as she recounts her tales of horrors
I shift in my chair and she delightfully spares me the gory details
police interrogating rape victims with guns in plain sight
attorneys reducing girl rape victims to tears on the witness stand
administrators in the child welfare system blaming girls for being raped
archaic laws no one wants to change
court backlog that’s going nowhere

the more you know
the less you believe the tale
man is the most intelligent of all the animals

I passed a mini commotion outside that has since grown to a bull blown incident
a mother coaxing her children to tell horror stories
the case worker listening was not believing the children and accused the mother of forcing them to lie
some other women there for help also chimed in with accusatory words for the mother
she retreated briefly and attacked back
this is all taking place in the waiting area and any random person was free to add their voice to the discussion

the kids turned the corner into the cubicle I was seated both in distress
the case worker in close tow and the mother some distance behind
she kept asking the woman I was talking to if she was ready for the children now

the boy about 12 holds a coca cola in his hand reaching back to his mother
tears streaming down his face
the girl eating some cheese snack from a bag runs into the office where the two walls meet
she is bawling
the case worker indicates that the mother is ready to go and waits for a signal from the young woman I was speaking with
these are the daily decisions they are faced with

the mother mumbles something indicating that she was abandoning the children to the case workers
from the sounds of things they had some discussion about this before
she came into the office and look at them one last time
I got up to excuse myself, this was getting HEAVY
the mother then walks to the exit and pause in the doorway

she is crying, the children are hollering and the case workers overwhelmed
she stands in the doorway as if pondering her next move
an older teenage boy resembling her looks on in confusion

she doesn’t know am behind her and I reach out and tap her on the shoulder to get her attention
I have no idea why I said it
maybe sheer confusion but as she moved aside I said, are you ok?
her head partially raised, behind tears
she said over and over again, I AM TRYING…I AM TRYING…I AM TRYING
I have no words to console her and walk through the door
I could not have ever imagined this scene

poverty is violence and sometimes it don’t matter how hard you try
throughout this episode as is the case with many others
no mention was made of the father and I know these conceptions are not immaculate
many men simply abandon these women and children to misery and sufferation

meanwhile back on the other side of the demerara river in georgetown
triple x’on got negroes all lubed up and excited about first oil
but what good is your 120,000 barrel a day dream when daily your women are faced with the nightmare of how they gonna feed their children?
or are you gonna set aside a few gallons for them to drink?

her story never made the news
the next days headlines should’ve read

I have a feeling there will be more like her as these big negroes
and some of the little ones too
get all swept up in the rapture of triple x’on

run tell dat

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