What makes the Working People’s Alliance a political party Guyana People?

There’s a mild dust up over the sacking of Rupert Roopnarine and the elevation of miss phagwali 2017 & beyond

the govt propaganda outlet is childishly insisting that roopnarine was reassigned
but true to their confusing PR self
nicolette henry is saying roop was transferred
one of these days they’ll get it right
one uh dese faithful days

nicolette henry gots to be one of the luckiest womens guyana ever produced and she is anything but harmonious when dealing with her staff
forget the public
but she does style up nice & carry around some fancy designer handbags

i personally had never heard of our futute phagwali queen until her name was announced as minister
not dat i supposed to but i been negroe watchin fuh a minit or two
i know most uh dese characters
never saw her on the campaign trail
never saw her at a protest
never saw or heard of her through the ppp dark reign
never saw or heard of her at a party bashment
she couldve been there at all those things holding she corner
biding she time
putting in work
mekkin she moves
behind the scenes
or she coulda been one uh dem i ain waan no trobble wid dese people type negroes
riding low but living high via means we never discuss
buts thats neither here nor there or we biznis 🙂

in a lawless lash to head to guyana educators new and old she is now the minister of edumakashun
the miseducated negroe will now lead the further destruction of whats left of the education sector
if nicolette henry proves me wrong i could always apologise and congratulate her for the job well done
am crazy like that
but based on all info available her reign will be destructive & unimpressive but long remembered and felt
education doesnt seem to be priority high on apnu afc agenda
and nicolette henry is exhibit a thru z

the low performance and looting of resources will continue and possibly get worst

Totally unrelated commentary
somebody please tell dem to examine the design & construction of the sand creek secondary school by the ppp mafia clique before people dead in deh

which brings me to dr roopnarine and the wpa
it is my belief dr roopnarine is sick and for reasons known best to him and others he has not said so publicly
ego is also at play
he is a minister and vice president
a role no one in their right or wrong minds predicted or expected as of a few moons ago
otis redding say hold on to what you got but guyana politicos tek dat shit seriously and literally

in a functional society dr roopnarine would’ve ridden off into the sunset gracefully
moving on
enjoying his fat retirement and obscene perks
nentoring & assisting juniors
writing a book or two for the historic record pulling grass in he yard
but dis is guyana
when yuh get am
powuh dat is
hol on pon um til yuh dead
and fuck succession planning or anything else dat make sense
ride it and ride it to the bitter end

this is an entity most guyanese could not identify, codify or define
if you say or tempted to say walter rodney you off on a wrong footing already

what exactly makes the working people’s alliance a political party as opposed to a grouping of people gathered under a nane?
who’s the leader or leaders?
when do they hold congress, elections and other political party related mash?
how many guyanese are members of the wpa?
et cetera
et cetera

it’s always safer and wiser to think before we talk
raw emotional bursts will only get you so far
& raise yuh blood pressure
be free

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