today in guyana – god don’t come but he does send. haiti etc

still in the trenches dealing with the Guyana govt holding Haitian citizens who’ve committed no crime captive
getting drop home last night close to midnight and thought i was dreaming
in my ‘dream’ we were being pulled over by police with lights flashing
but i wasnt dreaming
i was in between sleep and wake and being pulled over
the usual midnight guyana police drill to nowhere

turn on the interior lights
shining lights in
occupants please step out of car
what’s going on?
please step out of the car sir

there’s a male and female cop with a gun
she is the one in charge
i dont recognise her at first as my eyes come alive
but as i step out and straighten up she says
God don’t come but he does send! oh no not he. leff dem people alone an leh we glang. duh is a good man

i helped her get something done a long time ago and she been trying to find me back since
not all guyana police are insane 🙂

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