women will make you tell the truth while they lying

god is a woman
let me just get that out the way 😉

i caught the tail end of an interrogation one time
the woman was in the process of having the victim repeat his guilt before signing away his life
but outta the blue she was like
you love me?
and the victim immediately responded, you and yuh sistuh
completely broken and afraid
me and me sistuh?
yea baby i love you and yuh sistuh
i gon let dat pass like i ain even hear you. sign this paper hey
he signs and mutters a little prayer

sometimes the man know he telling the truth and she lying
but in the name of peace he ain goin deh
silence is golden
yuh done confess what’s the point?

the other day we watching football and a man disturb the air with his relationship blah
me girl seh i is the fuss man who mek she holler hallelujah
oh really big daddy?
i believe she yuh know
but what about jesus?
jesus? what jesus gotta do wid dis?
you mek she holla hallelujah before jesus?
you know you got a point deh but i ain waan tink bout dat
i thought that was the end of that and we gon watch football in peace again
another man jump in
well if you is the fuss who is the second, third and fourth?
confusion sets in

we on a minibus on the west bank headed to town
but heaven or hell on the mind of the driver the way he speeding
lady next to me in a heated conversation with a man on the other end of the line
i ain tell you wait i coming?
long pause. click.
phone rings again
what did i just say? i almost there
long pause. suck teeth. click
2 minutes later ring ring
yes! lissen me. you deh whey i tell you reach me?
pause with eye roll back in head
god well wait deh an don’t call me back arite? good? ah deh coming out sophia now now
we passing the clinic in la grange
sophia is a mighty long ways from la grange

in we own spare time when guyana men we not in a lying competition we in some lowdown wutless tan’lizin

we been planning something last week sunday
bobby jump up and say singh caan mek it bai
why he caan mek it?
sunday is he big day. de man is a cat-o-lick now
when he convert?
ask he. yuh ain see he jus skinnin he teeth?

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