bharrat jagdeo’s ‘new’ position on legalizing marijuana is hypocritical – Mark A. Benschop

Dear Editor,
Now that Jagdeo and his PPP comrades, are in some kind of superficial support of legalizing marijuana, in time for a special kinda high in 2020. Please, allow me to expose Jagdeo’s hypocrisy on the issue.

In July, 2011 (not so long ago) Jagdeo met with members a group of Rastafarians, at the launch of the ‘International Year for People of African Descent” (IYPAD), and boldly declared to the group that; “This marijuana business, I think it will outlive my presidency, there will be no change in the law whilst I am here…”
Interestingly, Jagdeo at the very conference, made this declaration; “I am a little concerned when the countries that lecture us on this issue, they are busy legalizing marijuana on a ballot…” Mr. Editor, for years, Jagdeo has jailed hundreds of Guyanese (mostly young people) for small amounts of marijuana.
And, even with numerous calls by a few of us activists, and members of the Guyana Rastafarian Council for the decriminalization of small amount of marijuana, fell on deaf ears during Jagdeo’s reign. Maybe, Jagdeo can explain his position now, other than to score cheap political points.
Mark A. Benschop

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