Minister Cathy Hughes sitting on her hands – Jinnah Rahman #guyana

Even, after the President Granger appointed a SPECIAL Minister to sort out our main telecommunications and internet systems – citizens have not felt that dramatic shift that is necessary in the interest of customers and the economic development of Guyana – as whole.
GT&T has held the MONOPOLY of this country’s telecommunication system since 1990 – when the PNC government under Desmond Hoyte sold our assets to foreign companies, in an effort to salvage the economy after the death of Forbes Burnham.
Minister Cathy Hughes, an AFC executive member, has done very little to revolutionise the telecommunications system in Guyana – bringing it into the 21st, century. All we see – is her pretty face and lots of hot air, making us all look like fools. GT&T has carried her in “circles”. One has to ask : “how involved she may be in trying to deal with that company’s control of our communication system”?
Thousands of citizens – who have applied for landline phones for more more than 10 years have had no access to the basic telephone system. What is she going to do about that? People still experience huge problems with their current phones and there has been no system set up to offer any compensation to citizens. Is she not aware of these issues? Where does she live?
She claims to have a huge amount of knowledge in the field of communication – but has not displayed it to benefit the ordinary citizens. Citizens need results and quickly. Ministers are handsomely paid to prevent them seeking outside business to make extra “dollars” ! All their time and efforts should be focused on their jobs. Their performance must be measured and if they are proven to be unfit – they must resign or be removed.
Everyone will agree that the GT&T and Digicel – two giant multinational companies have been exploiting the Guyanese consumers for decades, with impunity. The new government made promises to end the GT&T monopoly and bring cheaper and better services to the consumer and make information more accessible to every Guyanese – regardless of where they live in Guyana.
With a population of less than a million, and endless untapped wealth, Guyana remains an economically backward country – due to the mismanagement of past governments – especially during the Jagdeo era. Big business prospered under Jagdeo – as he did – but the “small man” – was “catching his ass …” – as we Guyanese normally say !
The can of worms is now opened for all to see – with 100 of billions of dollars stolen and millions spent to reveal how, when, and by whom – through the 50 Forensic Audits commissioned by the Coalition government. The facts are glaring – leaving Jagdeo, a former president, and the big businessmen, like Eddie Boyer, an apologist of the business class and Jagdeo, to defend and cover-up moves to bring the perpetrators to justice.
The President of Guyana wants to see a better Guyana – but he must spend more time supervising Ministers and appointed officials who are unaccountable to the nation – who elected them to manage the affairs of the country and not to seek personal opportunities during their time, as officials of the government.
Cathy Hughes – must set out a very clear policy of how she intends to “manners” the GTT and get competition working, in a wholly market economy. We live in a GLOBAL VILLAGE, where at the touch of a button everyone knows where one was last night and with whom. Our activities can be broadcast around the world within seconds. We must make this technology accessible to all of our people – quickly. We must correct the wrongs committed by the Jagdeo-PPP.

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