guyana drunk man in love, promising her the world

guyana drunk man does stuff like
move in with a woman with four kids
promise her the world
take the kids shopping
raise everybody’s expectations then
he sobers up
and goes back to what he was doing before he met her
digging holes in the ground looking for gold then handing it all over to a ‘clean’ brazzo whore
nice time in kaimoo country
but he’s still drunk and he’s taking them to town now
everything valuable to him is in his pockets and that bag on his back
she looks tired and withdrawn dragging her body along
she’s been down this road many times
one of the girls sit on her lap
the other boy and girl share a seat with another lady’s child
they’re happy but from their eyes you can see it’s not always happy
they dont look alike but it’s one family
the kids are excited for a new daddy
she’s here but not here
her eyes tell a million sad stories
he turns repeatedly in his alcohol stupor to hold her hand
blow her a half kiss
hold her hand
she half responds as any sober woman would
for her sanity, you wish this is the last time
but the reality is, he’ll be back in the bush soon singing love songs to a smiling whore
ub40 playing
the lady in the back seat has three kids too
they’re dressed up going to town too
skin well oiled, clean shoes, hair combed
they sit around her in silence
she sings painfully
where were you on my wedding day?
the drunk sticks his head out the window & waves
he turns back at his new found love and reaches out his hand
she doesnt budge
he says something in a mumble and she meekly reaches forward and touches him then bows her head
the kids eyes dart about nervously observing and absorbing
she’s here but not here

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