roshan khan exploiting Amerindian workers in the rupununi #guyana

in any halfway functional society the principals of rk security would’ve been arrested and charged for the crimes they commit against workers
this is not what anyone told me, this is what i’ve seen with my own eyes many times

i dont know this joker but i know of some of his criminal acts
wont get into naming too many folks as he and his negroe thugs will victimise these [mostly] women who speak out against him

the first and probably only time i saw this ‘man’ i was waiting on a wedding at a church on charlotte street and saw a group of ill fitted guards marching and turning in the street
above them on a balcony was a man with a bullhorn and a mike attached around his face bellowing commnads
i thought this was the most bizzarre plantation like foolishness i’d seen in ages and turned to a rastaman sitting next to me and he asked me ‘you thinking what I thinking right?’


if khan or any of his servants can defend these actions or contradict what am saying
am all ears
early 2016 in the presence of then minister of social security volda lawrence a detailed complaint was filed for the umpteenth time against rk security services
they promised to get to the bottom of it
a victim of the company was present. more who out of fear did not come forth
the local agent of rk security in lethem terry boston said he was not responsible for the persons not getting paid and blamed georgetown head office
the talk at the time too was that workers were not being paid because the govt owed rk security
this has absolutely nothing to do with workers pay!
workers in lethem and other areas go months without pay sometimes with all sorts of flimsy excuses used
some workers who do not live in lethem, spend money coming back and forth multiple times to collect their pittance only to be told they have to return and check back

another thing heard in lethem and at other rk security locations is that the company was refusing to pay the national minimum wage claiming the contract was negotiated before the pay was raised
i know of one instant where a govt institution was paying rk security higher than the contracted wage and yet the company was not paying the workers the minimum wage

let’s examine this lethem pay check
the old minimum wage was $39,540
workers pay is 45,248

june 2016 had 22 weekdays and 8 weekend days [saturdays and sundays]
at 8 hours a day. 224 hours as listed is equivalent to 28 working days
so at a minimum this woman should have been paid 6 days or 48 hours overtime. note zero is listed
gross salary 45248 / 202 per hour wage = 224 hours paid for

NIS 2534/month
year to date 15564
however 2534 x 6 = 15204
i dont know why there is a difference of 360
and the ASSUMPTION is all these dollars collected are being paid to NIS as stated here
on a fixed salary not sure why a difference exists here. but maybe there is a plausible explanation
if there isnt, multiply this by a couple hundred employees annually and you see how junior capitalist slavers exploit workers and act like they are doing them a favour

as i said i dont know khan but he masquerades sometimes in a keffiyah channelling yasser arafat? and uses the term hajji. from all indication he has been to mecca at least once. am no muslim, but this is what they hajj is about. read this and reflect on the actions of rk security and judge for yourself if these are the acts of a man centred on the holy goals of islam

Hajj is an act of Worship – not tourism or promenade – which requires a physical and spiritual preparation.
– It is a station of renewing Iman as many other stations where sins are wiped out by forgiveness and where faith, trust, and love of Allah, His Messengers, and the believers increase. The pilgrim gets purified and comes out of his sins like a newborn baby.
– It is a school of training for Taqwah – consciousness of one’s duties towards Allah -, good character and discipline like in the other schools of the pillars of Islam.
– It is a manifestation of brotherhood, equality and Unity. The Muslims are like different branches but from one tree. In Hajj, we learn how to develop the Spirit of Unity.
– It is an annual Muslim convention attended by Muslims from different horizons, colors, races, and tongues… They exchange ideas and news and celebrate their unity in faith and diversity in culture. They meet in their center-point Makkah (Qiblah). Muslims always have to have a center-point and should be constantly focused on their noble goals.

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