ifa kamau cush prison files

a friend of mine informed me a few days back that ifa kamau cush was a convicted felon in the united states. between gpl and gt&t i wasnt able to deal with that but thanks to stabroek news and kaieteur news for running with it 🙂
kinda funny both cush and his backers are convicted felons. it’s possible they met in prison

2013 New York Consolidated Laws
PEN – Penal
Article 155 – (155.00 – 155.45) LARCENY
155.35 – Grand larceny in the third degree. § 155.35 Grand larceny in the third degree.
A person is guilty of grand larceny in the third degree when he or she
steals property and:
1. when the value of the property exceeds three thousand dollars, or
2. the property is an automated teller machine or the contents of an
automated teller machine.
Grand larceny in the third degree is a class D felony.

we will get to the bottom of this and get more details but the key words here to me is automated teller machine. as in atm machine. is it possible that ifa cush was jooking atm machines and found himself in trouble with the law? we shall soon find out

click here to read kamau-cush-court-documents

no more new words needed. go back to june 13, 2016. yea last year

am about fittin’ah put the final nail in the virtual coffin of fraud that is ifa kamau cush and his national parking solutions.
even though we’ve left out a lot of stuff this is gonna be a bit long
let’s take a few steps back before we proceed

June 7, 2016 Ifa Kamau Cush & the negroe hustler network will set Afro Guyanese back 1000 years
this is a developing story of some negroe hustlers slash parasites who saw an opportunity to pocket some dollars and took off running

June 8, 2016 ifa kamau cush, another fish bone in the throat of Guyana
when i think of fish bone in the throat, people like ifa kamau come to mind
the low level aspiration$ of a few gotta have mine negroes must not silence you into accepting nefarious acts. guyana is more important
run tell dat

June 9, 2016 ifa kamau cush doubles down on his Guyana parking metre scamquite a few rare gemstones in the batel as IRFAN cush keeps on spinning
there will be more to this fuh sure
is this a freudian slip or does stabroek news know something more about fishbone cush? they are now calling him IRFAN. you know the original irfaan is also a scamp
prediction: irfaan cush is this close to completely joking himself out. but prediction says he will keep going and going and going til he’s gone

June 10, 2016 ifa kamau cush & the rise of the not so new negroe parasitic class in guyana
make no mistake about it, these old new parasites could set us back 1000 years
and jagdeo & his negroe crew are patiently waiting in the wings for another spin of the barrel.

June 11, 2016 Deputy Mayor Sherod Duncan speaks out against Ifa Kamau Cush parking fraud
Again, the total lack of verifiable information on the company and its capacity to execute the scope of the project and the absence of a contract on the proposed project I cannot offer my support and reaffirm my grave reservation of such a venture.


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