the parking metre contract – smart city solutions & Georgetown municipality #guyana

when you read this you will understand why they insisted that it be kept secret


3 responses to “the parking metre contract – smart city solutions & Georgetown municipality #guyana”

  1. When we were growing up, we used to laugh at the dark humor of stories of colorful ‘ characters’ who attempted to sell out Stabroek Market and the Victoria Law Courts. Now a small cabal has actually managed to ‘sell’ every piece of parking space, or potential parking space, within the environs of Greater Georgetown in a deal going forward 49 years + 49 more years! – right before our eyes! This is not a sale of their own assets, these are the assets of ALL Guyanese!
    Yeah! For real! …. Contracts and all! Secretly concluded and rubber stamped by the elected Government!
    A sinister message of what might come was sent out with the destruction of assets of a new mall outside of the traditional commercial area of Georgetown. On a road that isn’t even gazetted! Present and future.
    So the short story is that all concerned citizens should continue to starve the meters, freezing the process, and the long story requires a very deep investigation into every facet of this ‘contract’. Dig deep and find out who is paying who. No rational process can allow for an 80:20 split with all the goodies going to the 80, with proceeds sent out of the country.
    That is part of the national heritage being exported, and duty free!
    This stinks of criminality, and should be investigated and prosecuted as such. Who and who on the city council will get a nice secret pension? In another currency? Just watch the emotional body language of the defenders and listen to their un-conjugated noise. Fear of loosing their piece of eight?
    Damp squib intervention by ‘the government’ to accept the framework, but reduce fees, is a red herring and should not be allowed to fly. The contract should be annulled in its entirety.
    Now we have seen some of the details of the secret contract, we need to see the underlying deals of the deal makers. Believe you me, there is every indication of payback here.
    It starts with Mr Ramkarran’s extraordinarily diplomatic comment that the promoters CV’s are ‘of the basic basics’.
    Jail time! Shake up of the Municipality, and if not, challenge present ‘Government’. The heresy must stop!
    Jagdeo charged better mortals for conspiracy and treason.

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  3. […] original cuntract and this amendment were once state secrets. read and enjoy […]

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