Ralph Ramkarran underhand dealings at Red House #guyana

i’ll say more on why those ppp criminals MUST be dashed out of red house
it’s a position i’ve had for years
but this negro ralph ramkarran!
i’ve said my pieces about ralphie and red sea parter moses over the years when they were supposedly the moderate/reasonable voices at freedumb house
my position then and my position now is EVERY key leader of the ppp then and now were and are engaged in criminal activities
those who were/are not directly committing criminal acts were benefitting from criminal acts
those who were not committing or benefitting from criminal acts were aware of criminal acts of which they did nothing
ask your lawyer frens dem and they will give you the legal name for that
it can get you time in functional societies where the courts have no kangaroos
so back to this negroe ralph
he is listed as a director of this company the ppp banditos created to hijack red house
a criminal act
he was part of the group that did commit the high jacking of state property
a criminal act
he remained in the group as state money refurbished red house, paid the utilities etc
fraud, conspiracy to commit etc
maybe ralph can show us where the monies collected by his pals renting red house went
so he’s back singing from the same crooked song sheet as jagdeo who has kicked him like a stray dog over the years
ralphie still has dreams of leading the ppp and dreams are essential to human existence

why is ralph still hanging around the fringes of a criminal organisation? the ppp

why did ralph conspire to defraud the Guyanese people of their property?
why is ralph still fighting to uphold this crime?

double down ralphie
this could be your waterloo
jagdeo doing his cheap napoleon impersonation and i guess ralphie casting as marshal michel ney
sidebar: the anglo prussian coalition ended napoleon’s reign

in the end
people gravitate to what they know best
the ppp is a criminal organisation
but the criminal acts are carried out by real living breathing people
some considered to be descent moderate literate well trained and educated citizens
masters of suit and tie knife and fork and what have you
they shout the name of a dead man elevated to god status by them
while committing crimes in his name
cause afterall god does forgive sins
may their sins continue to bear fruit across these 83000 square miles

my position then and my position now is EVERY key leader of the ppp then and now were and are engaged in criminal activities
dont let the facts get in your way

run tell dat

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