Guyana to English : Saturday is during the week

dis Guyana to English moment brought to you by during the week
ring ring
am calling a business
long ringing waiting waiting waiting
i click off as they answer
ring ring
they callin me back
is a business with primary contact by cellie
hi mornibg happy new year. ah was jus gon call yuh back
hi wuh yuh waan
mary i want buy some of your stuff
yuh waan do me wuh?
ah waan buy some of your stuff
mary voice dont sound like mary
hold on. mary mary ah got a man pon de phone seh he waan buy some uh yuh stuff
she got fuh sell
ye she gon sell yuh
when ah could come far it?
she seh come during the week and she gon fix yuh up
wuh day she waan me come?
during de week
during de week wuh day?
mary he waan kno wuh day he mus come
slight pause
she seh saturday
durin the week saturday?
yea saturday
arite. tell she ah lookin forward to it
eh heh she seh yea
ok yea. bah-bye

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