whores on the high bridge approaching midnight in Guyana

1123 PM
diamond high bridge in front ddl
a lady is perched, red bag in hand
it’s raining
your headlight picks up her outline as you past courts
almost ghost like
there is only one thing she could be doing in this desolate area
she does that thing road side whores do to get drivers attention
keep driving

1134 PM
houston high bridge by gafoors entrance
guyana police has another road block looking for who knows what
am third in line when a guy zooms up on a big bike and keeps revving his engines
three cones ‘forces’ you to merge down into one lane
the bike man goes to the front of the line and pauses to the right of the first car
without warning he guns it and pelts on down the road behind the police doing the search
the rest gathered about stood still as he races off into the night
in defiance and delight he throws a hand into the air waving at them and disappears
my turn at the check point
officer, what type of operation yall running?
wuh yuh mean?
ah man on a bike can just ride right on through yall?
wuh you waan we do? we caant jump in the way of dem bikes
how about putting up barricades so nobody dont ride in between yall again
more life rastaman
another one chimes in
if is wuz de ole days it woulda been bladdai
he raises his hand as if he is shooting off into the darkness
word on the street is the new apnu afc govt warned the police about shooting people down in the streets
he seemed to reminisce about a time when he could buss two shots at whoever he felt needed it

in many respects they’re no different from the lady in diamond
they both auditioning and positioning for your money
in her case, that’s her job
and you get something pleasing in return
them on the other hand…
but i do feel sorry for them sometimes
holding the line or at least the impression is there

One response to “whores on the high bridge approaching midnight in Guyana”

  1. The struggle continues, Mark. It’s the only certainty in this New Year that awaits us.

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