Georgetown 2017 Mayoral “elections” was an obscene display

The just concluded elections for Mayor and Deputy Mayor of Georgetown was an absurd pretense intended to create a pleasant or respectable appearance.
It was obscene beyond words.
The Mayor seemed confident of her eminent coronation well decked out in costume jewellery and dark shades.
Fake seem to be the theme word for the occasion.
The Mayor’s green outfit probably an accidental subliminal message to the party faithful nervously gathered around the table.
Not to be outdone, the master of ceremonies, the town clerk, was dressed in black.
Less than ten members of the public came to bless this gathering.
After the formalities the master of ceremonies got down to business and opened the floor to lay out the methodology for nominating the mayor.
On cue, Oscar Clarke popped up and said he wanted voting to be done by a show of hands! Another party loyalist quickly popped up and seconded the show of hands motion.

Another councillor from one of the small parties put forth the revolutionary notion that voting should be done by secret ballot. Imagine that?!!
20 odd apostles of the dominat gospel quickly raised their hands in opposition, some with chins tucked to chest, cognizant of the flashbulbs going off around their heads.
The secret ballot idea was quickly defeated with only six persons voitng in favour of it.
The magic carpet ride continued as the master of ceremonies announced the methodology of voting had been settled and opened the nominations for mayor.
Before the last syllable left his lips apostle Fraser appointed Chase-Green. Clarke popped up to second it and Garrett on his feet to close the nominations before Clark could take his seat. Another apostle quickly leapt to the heavens to second the closing of nominations.
Chase-Green, Carke, Garrett and the town clerk were the ones who travelled to Mexico looking for parking metre magic. Coincidences happen though, don’t let that disturb you.
The master of ceremonies then quickly anounced, I wish to declare Mrs. Patricia Chase-Green has been elected by the councillors of Georgetown, Mayor elect for 2017!
The apostles erupted into wild applause and table banging. Another victory for democracy, another victory for democracy. The smaller party members sat around somber and stunned.
The master of ceremonies announced that the mayor elect would now be escorted to her throne and everyone stood as a female constabulary officer in brown uniform guided the mayor elect to her throne.
Like a proud father, the master of ceremonies bellowed, madam let me be the first to congratulate you.
Fresh off the gruelling campaign, the mayor elect kept it short. Thank you town clerk. First let me thank god for the greatness he has bestowed upon me.
The master of ceremonies wildly signalled the mayor that now was not the time for the ‘god for the greatness he has bestowed upon me’ part but the wild applause had already erupted from the apostles.
Three persons were nominated for deputy mayor but the oxygen was quickly being sucked out the room by the heavy breathing of the apostles.
Lionel Jaikarran was the choice for deputy mayor and before voting began one of the female apostles could be heard shouting Majority, majority!
Outgoing deputy mayor had to evacuate his seat to make room for Jaikarran who the master of ceremonies invited to the head table. Inaudible obscenities was being hurled by one of the apostles amidst the loud banging and glorification.
The master of ceremonies kept shouting please, i’ve no finished announcing…please, i’ve no finished announcing…
I reached the bottom of the stairs and met a gaggle of city constabulary waiting anxiously for action. One pointed at me and shouted to her colleague, duh is not the rastaman we arrest and rough up dat time?
I ignored them and kept on walking. I could hear them laughing as I headed out the gate.
The vendors union were on the pave protesting. I made some small talk and one of the union members said, “It don’t matter who dey up in deh, dey gon have to deal wid we out hey. In the streets.”

make no mistake about it, these old new parasites could set us back 1000 years
and jagdeo & his negroe crew are patiently waiting in the wings for another spin of the barrel.

run tell dat

2 responses to “Georgetown 2017 Mayoral “elections” was an obscene display”

  1. So, Questions:
    1. Who shows up in dark shades as a member of parliament to a formal gathering tho. Is that normal?
    2. Why were only just 10 members of the public present? Where they selected, or nobody really cared enough to come?
    3. Why does everyone look so –ahem, y’know- up in age? Where are all the young people?
    And for what it’s worth every Caribbean country has some worse than average election esp. at the local level– its a Caribbean epidemic a this point, man.


    1. ahem!
      all good questions and observations

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