imran khan & the rise of the “new” negroe christian elite in guyana

the guyana chronicle is once again a tool in the hands of a few deceptive negroes
giving an appearance or impression different from the true one; misleading.
“he put the question with deceptive casualness”

this time around the deception might very well be an involuntary reflex

An involuntary action is one which occurs without the conscious choice of an organism. Involuntary actions may or may not occur with the awareness of the organism performing it.

forgive them lord for they know not what they do

legend: old negroes = ppp aka straights, new negroes = apnu afc aka curlies

like all state controlled agencies under the old negroes, the guyana chronicle was a cesspool of sex, drugs, violence and just about any form of debauchery that exists out there. spanning the realm.
financial fraud, racism, theft and political propaganda of the lowest order.

the new negroe at the receiving of guyana chronicle vitriol swore to god and all who’d listen that if given an opportunity he would do a better job handling state propaganda
a fundamental difference between old and new negroe is the new negroe thinks he is better than the old negoe
he does
better as in having better ideas, better education, better solutions to problems, better sense, better nationalist fervour and better class

class in our guyana simply means better finesse in handling the trappings of the good life, power and money
and having money, power & the good life without talking about money power and the good life
or living large and showing off y’self
the new negroe thinks he is better handling the girls, big positions and behaving proper. especially around the white overseers manning the various embassies, outposts & intelligence gathering networks
idb, world bank, imf, fao, peace corps, marriott, un, unicef etc
and the underlings posted here to learn the craft

class in Guyana means things like holding the fork in the left hand and cutting with the right
the new negroe does not eat with his hands except and when he doesn’t want to offend his lessers. or like say if he at a hindu washdown and want show the people he is a regular bai like dem
but a new negroe will knife and fork a roti and curry to death under normal circumstances

the old negroe would stick his hand into the fancy odouvre without qualms and do it again when done pigging out

the old negroe doesnt care about class. he just want land, property, cash and power. the old negroe believes he was born to rule guyana
fuh eva
based on some racial pact handed down by his gods
like the zionist the old negroe is a settler colonialist
to circumvent class the old negroe accumulated more gaud, gold, land and cash than he knew what to do with then he went about looking for acceptance in the lodges & remaining near white/wanna be white, euro oriented circles & clubs.

some old negroes like anil nandlall just reinvented themselves as noble hindu warriors
power & money in pocket, the old negroe simply erased his past and became a self minted touchable
he promptly went about pissing here there and everywhere marking his territory and possessions

anil nandlall is actually from a poor family in annandale. his accumulation of wealth and trinkets is an eternal quest to erase his past from his mind
how do i know nandlall from a poor family in annandale? i was roommates with his brother kesh in high school. he is only now a high class hindu warrior
but to further highlight the depths of confusion, nandlall is actually a muslim convert. which explains the wahabi fervour in which he goes about things. to include the assassination of courtney crum-ewing

imran enters stage left with a belt in his hand singing hear aunty bess

press secretary to the prime minister of the cooperative republic of guyana
former manager, marketing and communication west indies cricket board

yes that west indies cricket board
not exactly a breeding ground for superior performance but that’s neither here there or anywhere

as press secretary of the prime minister of the cooperative republic imran & crew are the tip of the spear of the govt p.r. machine
a very dull spear but a spear is a spear is a spear in the eyes of those who engage in hunting for fun
negroes love fun and similar engagements
take forensic audits which from all indications is a fun filled activity

imran khan started out as the prime minister’s representative on the chronic’s board. whatever representative means, am sure we are about to soon find out
with the resignation of the last chairman, imran made his move. but not if you hear him tell it

the rest of this are emails from sarbo, khan & khan. it’s long but makes for interesting reading regarding how far we’ve drifted from may 11, 2015 and the struggle to get there

On Wed, Nov 2, 2016 at 2:32 PM, Moshamie Ramotar wrote:
Dear Directors,
The company is in receipt of a letter from the Honourable Prime Minister appointing Director Imran Khan to serve as the interim chairperson to the Board of Directors of GNNL. As per the letter (dated 31st October) , the appointment shall deem to take effect immediately.
All for your information.
Best Regards

khan who is normally too busy with other matters suddenly started attending board meetings and being quite nice to other directors. then came the letter

one of the problems imran and the prime minister now having with board members and others is that a portions of these folks can read. and got engaged in the political process to change Guyana. board member tabitha sarabo pointed out in a letter to khan and colleagues that the prime minister, a lawyer, has no legal authority to appoint anyone as chairman

Further may I point you in the direction of the GNNL Articles of Association under Proceedings of Directors #22 where it states:

the directors may elect a chairman of their meetings and determine the period for which he is told hold office, but if no such chairman is elected, or if at any meeting the chairman is not present within five minutes after the time appointed for holding the same, the directors present may choose one of their number to be chair of the meeting

sarbo and Scheherazade Ishoof-Khan penned a letter to stabroek The agenda of the members of the Chronicle board is to ensure democratic principles are equally applied doubtful if they won any extra christmas presents from imran with statements like this

It is unfortunate that we live in times whereby every action taken seems to ominously reflect the unseen hand of some deeper political intent…At no instance will we ever be interested in blindly supporting anyone’s political puppet show.

On Wed, Nov 2, 2016 at 9:29 PM -0400, “tsarabo .” wrote:

Interim Chairperson I’m making it very clear that as a member of this board the one thing we pride ourselves with is being able to communicate. We never do anything without alerting someone. We have been able to work well together because we respect each other and at least hear each other out before making decisions so to now see that demwaves has some article about you being interim chair without you first at least having a discussion with us to quell whatever concerns we have does not bode well for me. Especially when you are telling persons to recuse themselves from various processes because you want it to at least look transparent and then you go put yourself as Chairperson. [this last phrase knock imran hard as you go see later 🙂 ]

I am really not happy about this. Primarily as you saw it fit to ignore both Scheherazade and my views on the matter. You will have to do much better if you expect us to work together.

On Nov 2, 2016 3:29 PM, “Scheherazade Khan” wrote:

Dear all,

I would like to support the sentiment expressed by Tabitha. Government boards generally are chaired by persons know to be independent, or at least seemingly independent. Even though the chairmanship is an ‘interim’ position, it reflects an obvious government intrusiveness that does not reflect well on our desire to establish the GC as a bona fide news entity.

Imran Khan went about setting the little ladies straight:


I respect the views of those who have expressed disagreement with the decision of the PM re the appointment of the interim chair.

imran-khanHowever I’d like to urge us not to overreact for a number of reasons:

1. The appointment is a mere interim one. Whether it will last until our next board meeting (scheduled for Nov 22) is not certain at this stage. Therefore the appointment of an interim chair is purely cosmetic.

2. We had a Board meeting on Monday of this week chaired by KD and the entire agenda was concluded and at which all decisions until the next Board meeting were taken. Like other directors I have been tasked with certain responsibilities, mainly relating to the NY Edition which I shall pursue and which does not require the authority of chairmanship to so do. [this is the same edition kwame mccoy and the boys started secretly with taxpayers money] There is no outstanding matter, as far as I am aware, which requires addressing during this interim period.

3. In the event that you have any reservations that I, as interim chair, have any intention of calling any special Board meeting before our scheduled Nov 22nd meeting please let me assure you that I have no such intentions.

4. As you are aware there are three boards which fall under the PM – GNNL, NCN & GNBA. As you are further aware the GNBA board has been subject to a CoI, the report of which the PM is currently reviewing. In any case, the current Chairman, Mr. Leonard Craig has migrated and, as a result, the PM is anticipating that he will receive his resignation shortly. With the PM due to be out of Guyana for two weeks from next week and anticipating Mr. Craig’s resignation, I believe the PM simply did not want a situation where two boards under his remit were without chairs for the period he will be out of Guyana. I believe that in appointing an interim chair at GNNL he was simply taking pre-emptive political action to guard against accusations that two boards of the three under his remit were without chairs at a time when he is out of Guyana and it would be challenging to address the situation. I believe his view is that an interim chair at GNNL, even cosmetic, allows him cover for this upcoming period. Again therefore the appointment of the GNNL interim chair is cosmetic.

5. As you are all aware the previous chair was uncomfortable with the haste with which she was appointed and had even noted same in her resignation letter. I believe that the PM is, on this occasion, exercising caution that the substantive chair and the replacement director for Ms. La Rose have adequate time to consider the position and the responsibilities involved. At this stage I have not had a discussion with the PM with regard to his thinking about a new chair. However if and when I do, and if it is appropriate and prudent I shall brief you accordingly.

The submission that the decision should have been better communicated, perhaps at a special meeting called by PM is, in hindsight, is credible. However I believe the thinking of the PM was that this was a mere interim appointment (practically in-between meetings) and as such just required the formality of a letter to the CS.

Director Sarabo-Halley, I cannot avoid taking offense by your comment that “you go put yourself as Chairperson”. Regrettably, you would agree, it is out of order, perhaps made emotively without the benefit of the information above. However you were, on Monday, present at a meeting, at which I was also present and this (my appointment as interim chair) was mentioned, en passant by the PM. His comment took me by surprise and we both left that meeting to rush over to the GNNL Board meeting. I did not have an opportunity to speak with the PM about his comment in-between the two meetings so to suggest that I should have raised it at the GNNL Board meeting would have been imprudent and improper.

I did speak to the PM about it subsequently (after the GNNL meeting) and reluctantly agreed to his proposition on the condition that it was merely an interim appointment and that every effort will be made to ensure that the substantive chair is appointed as soonest.

Therefore for you to state “you go put yourself as Chairperson” is (i) and insult to the PM that he is without authority (ii) an insult to me that I have over-ruled or imposed on the PM and (iii) completely out of order. I cannot appoint myself. Appointment is the purview of the PM in this regard.

I ask, respectfully, that you withdraw this insidious.

Kind regards,

Imran Khan
Director of Public Information | Press Secretary to the Prime Minister
Office of the Prime Minister
Cooperative Republic of Guyana

M/Whatsapp: +592.686.8179
W: +592.227.8266 | +592.227.3101

Shiv Chanderpaul Drive, Bourda
Georgetown, Guyana

On Wed, Nov 2, 2016 at 3:07 PM -0400, “tsarabo .” wrote:

Hi all
As someone close to the government as well and our not wanting to create the impression that the board is highly politicized Imran do you think it’s wise for you as Director of Public Information working with the Prime Minister who isi in charge of Public Information that it may be abit unwise for you to hold the chairmanship of the board?

Lastly this is by no means child’s play so respectfully or not please clear the imaginary thought from your mind that gives you the feeling that you can make demands of me. To think about it your saying “I ask, respectfully, that you withdraw this insidious” likens unto those men in authority who believe that they can at will trample upon the rights of women by silencing them or subjecting them to their ways.

Scheherazade Khan to her board colleagues

Our understanding of the by-laws/rules that govern our board clearly indicate that a chairperson can be nominated and chosen from amongst existing board members. We were all in agreement that Karen was the fittest and best person to serve in that capacity, however at no time did anyone solicit our opinion.

Perhaps it is not immediately apparent, but however ‘interim’ or temporary the appointment may be, assigning the task of chairing an important arm of the state media to a known political apparatchik is tantamount (in the public eye) to announcing that all pretense of impartiality has been abandoned in favor of an all out propaganda machine. This creates the impression that the heavy hand of political interference is once again unashamedly and somewhat crudely influencing the content of the Chronicle.

None of us believe this to be true, but we cannot be ignorant of public opinion on such a sensitive matter.

the new negroe is a soldier

of forture
in the lord’s army
the old negroe on the other hand is a fortune hunter
a looter and a plunderer
fortune as in chance or luck as an arbitrary force affecting human affairs
smiled upon the new negroe may 11 2015
from the old negroe he’s inherited an opportunity to build up his war che$t
they both share fortune as their holy grail
“wondrous but not explicitly holy”

the old negroe denied god, but used the holy shrines to spread his version of the holy gospel
the new negroe even with his christian vestments is known for his devilish ways & unspeakable vices previously thought to be the realm of the old negroe
girls, boys, money, expensive spirits, multiple homes, expensive trinkets and side rackets
the old negroe is a narco gangster
the new negroe is a hussla extraordinaire
for old and new negroe alike the objective is money, plenty money
how they go about getting it has slight variations

Re: Appointment of Interim chairman at Guyana National Newspapers Limited

Dear Prime Minister,
It is with grave concern to the Guyana Press Association (GPA) that the Director of Public Information, Mr Imran Khan, has been appointed interim chairman of Guyana National Newspapers Limited, publishers of the daily and Sunday Chronicle newspapers.
Though the appointment is interim, what it in effects tells the public and indeed the workers of the Chronicle newspapers, mainly the editorial department, is that the Prime Minister holds the reigns to the Chronicle’s board.

This, Mr Prime Minister, the GPA believes, flies in the face of earlier commitments by the Coalition government to allow the state media to function as independent, professional entities free of the control of the executive government.

On this note, we refer to President David Granger’s statement, delivered at a workshop hosted by the GPA on April 28, 2016: “The Government of Guyana is committed to the promotion of a high degree of media professionalism. The administration will not undermine the professionalism of state media workers by subjecting them to political direction or interference in their work.”

We believe that Mr Khan’s appointment is a direct contradiction of the President’s position and that of his administration.

As such, the GPA is hereby urging you to immediately rescind Mr Khan’s appointment and allow the Board to function free of political control and direction.

The GPA is advised the Board has the power to elect its own chair and we would suggest that that is the best option at this time.

Further, the GPA is again hereby seeking a meeting with you to discuss pertinent issues regarding public information and cooperation between the GPA and your good office. The GPA has sought a meeting with you on multiple occasions thorugh the Director of Public Information but to no avail.


Iva Wharton

His Excellency
Brigadier (rtd.) David A. Granger
Cooperative Republic of Guyana

shall we bow our heads in prayer
dear god
I ask, respectfully, that you withdraw this insidious.


additional reading

President David Granger maintains that the Government Information Agency (GINA) has a responsibility to provide coverage of the opposition.

Granger’s position, which was the same one he had as leader of the opposition, is in direct contrast with what was expressed by the administration’s Director of Public Information Imran Khan. In a February 9 post on his Facebook wall, Khan stated that GINA’s “role is not to cover the opposition. It is to cover the elected government of the day.”

GINA has a responsibility to cover opposition – Granger

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