social cohesion lunacy & the negroe quest for everlasting love in Guyana

social cohesion is all the rage in some Guyana quasi & faux bourgeois circles and it’s destined for spectacular failure
the writing was on the wall before this baby got conceived
the ministry of social cohesion is lunacy dipped in fantasy with a bold dash of confusion
i could see some of my friends bolting for the exits
but there’s a loop on permanent repeat in my ear, your “friends” will deny you at the appointed hour
guyana is an asylum ran by two negroe factions battling for supremacy
in this westminister race olympics there is only one medal
and negroes will kill each other for it and when they get it
they will kill some more
cause is same shitty medal they will be battling over come next olympics
cause the medal is the key to the riches
a key to plunder if you so desire

“The imposition of the British Empire on the region explains the influence of the colonial and cultural norms on the political system of the Anglophone Caribbean,” says Jean Grugel, in her masterful text, Politics and Development in the Caribbean Basin: The Caribbean in the New World. “This process of acculturation began as an imposition from the Empire and went on to become part of the ideological legacy passed on to the local elite which became the political elite on Independence,” she continues.

i met a social cohesion expert who was flown from usa in as part of the social cohesion parade
and some of the goodly folks in this charade are good friends of mine
but who says friends must see eye to eye on everything or anything?
my argument is social cohesion is bullshit. not just the ministry of social cohesion which was my argument then, but the whole idea of social cohesion as is currently being preached in guyana is bullshit
let’s take a closer look
i normally check out president granger’s website which has the latest news and from the social cohesion parade
let’s take the last three

  1. Social Cohesion Ministry to provide support for social cohesion initiatives -Min. Ally at Mocha/Arcadia Methodist Church’s Jubilee celebration
    Minister of Social Cohesion, Ms. Amna Ally said that religious organisations can play an integral role in fostering social cohesion in their communities and committed to providing technical and other support through her Ministry for such initiatives (why is govt funding religious organisations who don’t pay taxes? arent’t these churches collecting money every sunday? why can’t they use the collection money to further social cohesion in their congregation and neigbourhood?)
    “You have a role to play in helping to build a unified Guyana… Social cohesion is the willingness of members of a society to cooperate with each other in order to survive and prosper,” the Minister told the congregation.  – (unless am otherwise mistaken I don’t believe the people of Mocha/Arcadia are having a problem living amongst each other)
    “We have to proclaim the right to differ, and eliminate discrimination…little acts in the community can make a difference,” she said. – (is she saying the predominantly afro community of Mocha should go down the road to Herstelling and mingle with their Indo brothers and sisters? if so she should say so. how exactly does proclaiming the right to differ end discrimination? Bharrat Jagdeo, Anil Nandlall and some of the most racist mad dogs of the PPP has made many proclamations and that hasn’t eliminated anything. so am not sure how the politically/financially disenfranchised persons of Mocha Arcadia Methodist church can make a proclamation that will reverberate through this schizoid country)
    I wont go any further in this article, read it! but this one is a gemologist wet dream :The Minister also used the opportunity to pledge grass cutters for all the churches and some schools in the community, in addition to the donation of 10 bicycles for the young members of the Trinity Steel Waves Steelpan band. This pledge was made in recognition of the churches’ role in the community and aims at ensuring that the churches are taken care of, the Minister said.
  2. 41 Stakeholders benefit from Social Cohesion Consultations in Corriverton 20 of 32 planned Consultations completed
    An additional 41 stakeholders from Corriverton, East Berbice-Corentyne (Region Six), today, were added to the hundreds of persons that have so far contributed to the Ministry of Social Cohesion’s countrywide Consultation Initiative, and the Ministry has said that the Consultations have so far been receiving an overwhelming response from participants around the country. Further, the consultation process has been used as a social cohesion awareness vehicle. (woooooiiiiiiii. as we’re moving about the country we will need a veeheekle and the consultation process is like the gas)
    The participants were given the chance to provide feedback on five thematic areas affecting social cohesion in Guyana: economic equity and opportunities, citizens’ safety and security, social inclusion and tolerance, inclusive and participatory governance and harmonious ethnic and racial relations. Their feedback will contribute to the development of a 2017-2021 Strategic Plan on Social Cohesion in Guyana which is expected to be completed by this year-end. (woooooiiiiiiii to the 2nd power)
    one more
    “As a result of all of the consultations, we hope that we get a better sense at the national level or the regional levels of the strategic complimentary actions needed to really bring the society together,” she said.
    (woooooiiiiiiii woooooiiiiiiii woooooiiiiiiii cubed. if you dont think this is all bullshit i suggest you seriously get your head examined. seriously)

let’s play like is mental health awareness day and skip that third story i promised. am getting not well reading through all that social cohesion mash
it’s not good for my or your mentals

after two decades of PPP misrule it’s a complete waste of time to dedicate a govt ministry/department to social cohesion. if after winning a second term maybe apnu afc could consider social cohesion
until then this is a complete waste of time and resources
leave the social cohesion business to ngo’s, religious groups, community groups and whoever else feel a burning desire to be cohesive
there are a million things to be done in this country that would have more than the desired effect on the desired segment of the population being targeted and let’s list a few

  1. decentralise ALL govt services
  2. fix the roads
  3. fix guyana power and light so we stop getting never ending blackouts
  4. fix guyana water inc
  5. lower the tariff on the berbice bridge. like really lower it not play games about it
  6. root out the lawless, lowdown, corrupt, criminal elements in the guyana police force, the courts and all govt agencies
  7. fix the hospital shitstem
  8. fix the educational shitstem
  9. create jobs and economic opportunities for the population
  10. make sure private companies are paying workers a fair wage
  11. build parks and recreational facilities in all communities
  12. lower the personal income tax

and i can go on and on

in my view, social cohesion is one side of the negroe family (the curlies) reaching out to the other side of the negroe family (the straights) in a desperate attempt to be permanently loved
this desire to be loved has crippled many a negroe in Guyana, especially those in the political arena
and it’s lunacy of the highest order
this desire to be loved, for the most part, only comes from one side of the great divide
i’ll leave that to the shrinks to determine why and solve that mystery but one side of the negroe divide is always worrying, wondering, pondering and lamenting what will they say? what will they think? how will it look? what if they get vex? before they do anything
curly haired negroes are on a permanent mission to be loved
a quote from the great liberation warrior dr amos wilson may help you at this critical juncture
love and resentment binds the oppressed to his oppressor

and negroes work overtime to be loved. see diwali & phagwah
why not work overtime to fix the shitty things in this scuntry that dont work, as opposed to dedicating time to some hair-braineed social science experiment?

the role of govt is to satisfy the needs of the people
social cohesion is not a need. it’s a desire, a dream and a fantasy
we don’t need social cohesion propaganda.
what we need is justice for crum-ewing, and all victims of crime & violence, fair wages, electricity, water, jobs, economic opportunities, affirmative ACTION, transportation solutions, housing, health care, education, parks, non gmo foods, lower taxes and the criminals in parliament arrested, charged, convicted and jailed et cetera et cetera.

dr amos wilson also said : what if they never loved you?
then what?

am not a betting man but am almost certain the lunacy of social cohesion will be put to the test after some of its most ardent fanatics read this but i doubt most will make it this far 🙂
We have to proclaim the right to differ, and eliminate discrimination…little acts in the community can make a difference,” Minister of Social Cohesion, Amna Ally.

proclaim the right to differ. have a social cohesion moment and differ with me 🙂

good morning to all you pavlovian dogs & skinnerian rats
“we don’t reward the [rat], we permit him to escape pain

run tell dat

we getting closer monsieur frantz
we getting closer monsieur frantz

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