CH&PA Board Member DHANRAJ SAMAROO has died

dhanraj-samarooCentral Housing & Planning Authority Board Member DHANRAJ SAMAROO representative of Rosehall Town Council passed away on Saturday 15th October 2016.

in the schizo world that we live in called Guyana when i first met Dhanraj first I was very suspicious of him
like i said, i’ll admit to living in various schizoid states being Guyanese but we became best friends for life
harikrshna as i like to call him is the only person who leaves 3 minute voicemails on my phone… REGULARLY! you know mark we have to do something

harikrshna is also the only person who calls me to tell me one thing and i have to cut him off 45 minutes later cause he ain done tellin me and i got stuff to do šŸ™‚
and i always felt bad cutting him off

he told me a few jokes that made me loose my religion riding about the back of the truck a few moons back in berbice in between some life long lessons about love, morality, eating good, fresh air, ch&pa blues, women, transparency and accountability
he like to remind me that he ain gettin into no racket for nobody and damage his reputation

i received a message from his phone but i was confused. it was his son saying his father had died. but me being on top of things thought harikrishna was tellin us his father had died. maybe my brain couldnt compute that harikrishna man was dead. i mean he was a vegetarian for a few decades, woke up daily to meditate and do yoga for hours and seemed relatively healthy.

i had a few missed calls lately and we talked last week at our last meeting
he called me sometime after and we had a brief chat but as always it ended with us making plans to talk again soon cause the time was never enough to finish all our conversations in one call

for funeral details etc please call 649 6388

life is short and dhanraj never got to finish his mission on the board
tomorrow is promised to no one
do something

this one’s for you harikrishna

and this

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