thousands of east indian women & girls were raped & terrorised under ppp misrule

the other day i was reading something one of the junior criminals/devils of the ppp wrote. i cant remember exactly what it was, as nothing these devils say seem to make any blasted sense anyhow. not surprising
but it had to do something with this devil pointing out something or the other the APNU AFC govt wasn’t doing in relation to crime and violence. and it got me thinking, then i wrote this

first off am not an expert on things east indian, and i aint a woman. at least not as of this writing.

should a rapist speak about this issue?
should a rapist speak about this issue?

that being said, the ppp criminals have raped and shamed thousands of Guyanese women and girls into silence. these are facts hardly talked about anywhere in Guyana. and we wont even bother to delve into the other even less discussed rape of boys.

i speak specifically of east indian women in this instant cause if you hear some ppp devils tell it, their sole purpose in life is to be to protect east indian women from the prying hands of others.

somehow in the past couple months the ppp criminals have taken the moral high road in Guyana which ain so high after all. they wish you will forget their prolific track record of rape and sexual violence among other depravities in these 83000 square miles.

there is hardly a ppp male official who didnt not violated some woman in Guyana during their 23 years of terror. jagdeo, rohee, lall, nandlall, ganga, reepu, bherri, leslie, robert etc etc some also killed women

the devil is real but his days are numbered
the devil is real but his days are numbered

a few moons back i got in trouble for this many east indians in guyana are suffering from stockholm syndrome and this varshnie singh & the tragedy of PPP women in Guyana
but i still stand by both.

Stockholm syndrome can be seen as a form of traumatic bonding, which does not necessarily require a hostage scenario, but which describes “strong emotional ties that develop between two persons where one person intermittently harasses, beats, threatens, abuses, or intimidates the other.”[

because of our racial schizophrenia in Guyana, many victims of the ppp believe they did something wrong and others are beaten back with the race traitor hatchet.
reporting your rapist will bring shame and disgrace on the great ppp and more importantly the east indian race. silence keeps us going!
cash, a house, a car, a lil job or a ticket to somewhere is usually dangled in front of the victims family. and like neaz subhan victim at NCN a family member most times eats the carrot and keep the stick handy in case the victim forgets her role.

i was sitting in a room where two women were discussing something. one was talking loud and the other mostly listening. i tuned in and realise that the woman talking was recounting years of sexual violence and abuse by a big one in the ppp
she didnt seem to care who was in the room and listening. more as if she wanted everyone to hear her story

she said she was happy the criminals were out of power cause she escaped her tormentor and now feels free to speak. as long as they gad political power she said she was forced to remain silent to protect her life

big posie man
big posie man

who i coulda run to? they controlled everything. he could’ve killed me if he wanted to and nothin woulda happen. he used to tell me dat all the time

maybe she will inspire and convince others victims to step forward and speak of the sins committed by these disciples of cheddar.

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