showdown in Linden – starring Carwyn Holland, Jonellor Bowen & Lennox Gasper

linden is never short on high drama and i when i say drama i really mean DRAMA 🙂
and today the town clerk was sent on admin leave
i got this in the mail which gives you some hilarious insight into the live soap opera going on in the mining town.


Lindengate – Part One.
Recently the Guyana Chronicle reported a break and enter of the office of Linden Mayor Carwyn Holland and according to the report, several security officers were on duty that night and it was the third such event at the Linden Municipality within the short time in office by the new council.

Now I’ve been following closely and silently the events of the Linden municipality from day one as Linden remains close to my heart. But this latest episode pushed me too dig deeper and I ended up getting on the inside of things from a friend who know a friend related to a friend who is a member of staff that was willing to give me the inside scoop of the realities in the mining town.

Where do I start?

Lennon Gasper
Lennon Gasper

The fighting at the municipality is not only the boxing promoter Journalist turned Mayor versus the PPP Baby Sooba. Nor is it only a fight between a pompous councillor Gasper who wanted to be the Mayor and everything the council does or say against the Town Clerk. There is another fight quietly taking place whereby the Mayor and his Christian boy ideals is up against a few other councillors who want to undermine him to be the next suitable choice of Mayor and some who are against the Promoter Boy who declared his stance against corruption and that no councillor under his reign should be directly involved in direct earning through contract bids.

Let me start to break down the Sooba girl. She is working with the council for about three to four years now as the chief administrator and before that, she worked at Republic Bank where she did not last long due to her know it all attitude and bullish style. Yes, that soft talking, never harm a fly looking ‘Red Oman’ is a big bad bully. She bullied an entire Interim Management Committee led by the burly chicken man Gordon and a whole set of hard core bullies such as Harry, Fernie, strong union man Sampson and the baddest of them all ‘BadHeart’ who is known for his ‘bullyism’ every day on the Callendar. Baby Sooba was placed there and empowered by the most corrupt regime in the world’s history the PPP. To have full control over the IMC, the TC sweetened some with contracts and had her backers besides the

Town Clerk Jonellor Bowen
Town Clerk Jonellor Bowen

few PPP cronies. However there was a falling out between the staff and the TC Girl and the majority of Councillors were forced to stand up against her and moved a no-confidence motion which landed on the laps of this new administration and like other discovered evidence of mal practice by the PPP, they sat on it and did nothing.

Then come the Promoter boy who is known for breaking grounds in boxing and is admired by many except the TC. Apparently the two were school mates and got along well until a budding love affair turned sour. One rumour is that the Holland Boy used to hustle the Red Oman and was apparently invited home and there he saw the younger sister who was prettier and went after her instead. The other school day rumour was that Red Oman was his Prefect and he didn’t like that so they never get along.

Before the swearing in of the new Coalition Council, the TC ordered the staff to dress up the place in Red, and this was strongly objected to by the party loud mouth Sandra Adams and others. According to the insider, from day one the TC started misguiding and undermining the new councillors. She manipulated the system so well that one would believe she is an expert in local governance and this has

Mayor Carwyn Holland
Mayor Carwyn Holland

the young council in a spin. However Holland quickly caught wind of what was going on and led the charge objecting to her actions. For this, most of his councillors supported and the Mayoral wannabies
silently started a revolt but the Short man Gasper could not stay quiet as he wanted to make the newspaper headlines to show he was the only viable choice for Mayor. Big story bruk out soon after with the last IMC giving permission in a corrupt deal for a big stinking toilet to be placed at the front of the Mackenzie Market. The council was divided over this issue but sat to make unified decision. After all they called themselves team unity, but a few Judas’ quickly rose up and Gasperman who wanted to build up an army of enemies for the newbie mayor and Fernie who was having an affair with the Toilet Man along with the TC and a few others were leaking inside information on the outside and vigorously fighting for the shit business on the inside.

Then comes the toll booth, a much needed income generator for the town, but a not at all needed thing for one logger name Smithie, a former councillor and close ally of the TC, Fernie and the Gasperman. Smittie tried starting a petition to have people protest the Mayor and it failed. They tried through so many newspaper articles and managed to place the Promoter boy in bad light. When people realized they were being misled by the Smithites they quickly ignored his call. And this left the vocal Gasperman to come up with every little trick in the book to taint the mayor boy as evil, while his cohorts such as two breakaway Pastormen, a bauxite worker who is responsible for many Lindeners losing their jobs, a ‘For Change’ con man and star boy who was arrested many times by the Po Po for fraud, and a few others met behind the scenes to give moral support. They even turned against their sweetheart Deputy Mayor and when she faced their steam, she quietly turned their ally and was seen many times in their conference. The staff said that they were convinced the deputy was not a true ally of the Mayor as when he left the country and she was in charge, she made the rounds to bad talk her boss and and tried to out do him therefore exposing her weakness and the TC and others capitalized on it. Soon she was in the newspapers for having a bin in her yard and not long after she joined the Mayor who like to take up a verbal fight in the newspaper again, this time for allegedly spending too much of what the council don’t have, money, on fuel. It turned out that it was a set up orchestrated by the TC, Gasperman and as the staff said, we don’t know who else. At the same time of this breaking news, the Mayor and Deputy were overseas and it looked so much truthful and turned many in Linden against the poor Mayor. However the staff said workers were upset with the main players for doing the evil to the poor fellas. Well not so poor as the Mayor has a business and may not necessary need to thief cash to survive, nor does the deputy whose husband has a business. However their silence during the outbreak seemed like guilt and the Pastorman who was acting did not defend them for whatever reason he alone knows. On his return to Guyana the Mayor then called a press conference in Georgetown and clear up things and this left the newspapers apologizing, but not the TC and Gasperman. The TC gave excuses and tried to blame the Treasurer and hinted that Gasperman is the guilty one. A commission of inquiry was launched and things got even bitter with the desperate TC trying to find all means to incriminate the poor Mayor and Deputy. She bullied and successfully won the support of the Chief of Constabulary, The CIIP supervisors and even pulled inn other staff as her witnesses. Apparently it failed and it is said that the TC ended up cross examining her own witnesses to get them to lie properly. Dis thing got plenty laff. Meanwhile some councillors are jealous that Gasperman alone was making the headlines and they were overheard discussing a coup along with past councillors who were blocked by the Mayor from getting contracts like old time.

Talking about contracts, big controversy with the Day Care in Retrieve, TC want to spend several times on that one project which is being done by a PPP contractor and the Christian boy Holland objected, much to the dislike of the Pastormen and the Bauxiteman. So they formed allegiance with the TC and passed the project in the Promoter absence. As soon as he arrived he stopped it and things got worse for him. Who told him do that, a protest was looming and several councillors were being courted to form an alliance against the Mayor. The Treasurer who also objected was also under scrutiny but she maintained that she is not going to jail for no TC and no corrupt council.

Several other corrupt practices were disclosed happening right under the Mayor nose, but if yuh nose too big yuh can’t see there. According to the staff, the Mayor too busy trying to fix to right that he can’t even see some of his own close buddies are not really his close buddies. What’s good for the Mayor however is that he has built up close relationships with most of the workers and they love him. One constable said the Promoter boy has done much more for workers than what they have seen done in years by the IMC. The man spends his personal cash to buy up shoes, bicycles and other things for the staff and he won them over with his givings. That is who the man is, a man for the poor and needy. But he also like to talk too much according to the experienced staff. He gives out too much information and should keep his plans a bit more quiet. The Mayor also act as if he has no street sense, he is always tricked into believing everybody means well when in actual fact is a set of Judas’ he has around him.

After all he is a good man, and can get the job done if he is given the support, but he must stop acting stupidy and start acting road sensible. He can ask me a few things about that.

And to end things off, something fishy about the third attack on the Mayor Office. The TC and the chief inspector told the heads recently that there is no evidence of a break-in, as they believe it’s an inside job done by the Deputy and the Secretary whoever she is. But eye raising is that the TC has been alleging that the Break-inn was done to make her look bad since the day of the event and has been sharing that theory with staff members. The Po Po, known for never finding a clue is on the case and since the inspector and commander are Pee Pee Pees, no one is expected to be charged. Not even the security on duty that night. Lol… Taak half and lef half. Look out for Part Two.

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