white power lives on in Guyana

couple days ago i went into a place and took a seat
pass three waitress along the way and take a seat
black professional looking chap sitting there and gets served eats and leaves
i am sitting 5 feet away from him
time passes
white man comes in and takes a seat
instant menu and service
time passes

waitress comes and waitress goes couple times
different ones
we make eye contact and life goes on
white man food arrives and he begins eating
two waitress keep coming and going
white woman comes in and waits for table to me to be cleaned
time passes
waitress clears table and seats white woman
time passes
elderly black man comes in strikes up convo with other waitress
looks like they know each other. he sits and makes his order
time passes
waitress pass, takes a look at me and goes to white woman
what will you be having today mam?
long conversation discussing options et cetera
she waltzes off stops turns and suddenly sees me again
she looks at me with mild disgust
sir are you getting through?
is it ok if i see the menu?
she gives me the menu and leaves
[i thought of & wrote this entire episode and she still hadn’t returned. that’s over half hour and counting]

i pause to observe the next guests
portugese indian looking woman and man
instant service

the beauty about white power is
it never dies in the minds of negroes
joob it up Guyana
50 years of freedumb

dr amos wilson says, the destiny of the african child is revolution
and el hajj malik el shabazz says
‘These negroes aren’t asking for no nation. They wanna crawl back on the plantation.’







3 responses to “white power lives on in Guyana”

  1. Mark, when dining out, you gotta find yourself a fair-skin companion 🙂

  2. Hey! I was born in guyana. White supremacy exists all across the globe.

    We have to rid it with black-supremacy.

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