ifa kamau cush parking metre racket funded by jewish criminals from republic of georgia

this is so bizarre it’s almost beyond english
this entire thing made no sense from the beginning

enough has been said that can be read below but a brief brief
a low level negroe masquerading as a pan africanist set his sights on getting rich for the years of struggle he endured under the criminal ppp network
down in a den of thieves and snakes
city hall
he hatches a plan with four deh bad negroids looking to strike it rich
chase-green, clarke, garrett & king
and off to mexico & panama they go to look at parking metres made by a company in france with a subsidiary in new jersey and florida
anyway pick up the rest below but at some point simon enters guyana
you rememeber simon

John Daniels, Colvern Venture, Ifa Kamau & the mysterious simon moshevilli
John Daniels, Colvern Venture, Ifa Kamau & the mysterious simon moshevilli

everything about cush and his bogus parking metre consortium is fake. that’s been established
so he tossed a monkey wrench in the operation by introducing a mysterious white man to keep the critics at bay
cause as you know, everybody frikken the big bad white man
but how does a pan africanist so called end up being a slave to a jew?
but not any jew, a criminal jew from the former soviet republic of georgia
but fear not. hussla negroes like cush will liberate black people
that’s the fairy tale he lives on

simon moshevilli is simon moshel a convicted released from US federal prison in 2007

Register Number: 69827-053
Age: 65
Race: White
Sex: Male
Released On: 06/15/2007

moshevilli changed his name to moshel after migrating from israel to the usa, but he is really from georgia. born to eliahu and nina moshiashvili not moshevilli. this is from his pre sentencing memorandum submitted by his attorneys to us district court new york


simon’s brother michael was also convicted and served time in federal prison

Register Number: 69828-053
Age: 61
Race: White
Sex: Male
Released On: 11/17/2006

Local Smugglers Smoked Out—Forest Hills Pair Busted In Phony Cigarette Ring
Two Forest Hills brothers were busted last Thursday for helping to smuggle 35 million counterfeit cigarettes onto an Upstate Indian reservation where they were sold tax-free.
Michael Moshel, 47, of 68th Road and Simon Moshel, 52, of 70th Avenue, were charged with arranging to import the shipments from the Far East.
The two also face charges that they smuggled 945 cartons of phony Duracell batteries from China last April, according to documents filed in Brooklyn Federal Court last week.

Simon Moshel received a significant reduction in sentence from his plea agreement. His
plea agreement carried a range of 46 to 57 months imprisonment,
but he was subsequently sentenced to a 20 months imprisonment.
Additionally, Michael Moshel, pursuant to a plea agreement, had
a range of 30 to 37 months imprisonment and was sentenced to one
year and one day imprisonment.

How an El Paso smuggler moved a half-billion cigarettes across America 
Abraham’s cell wasn’t the only one importing counterfeits from China. By 2002, bogus Chinese cigarettes were pouring into the United States, attracting a rogue’s gallery of distributors — Chinese smugglers and Russian mobsters joined in, along with Abraham’s Mexican-American gang. There was even a ring of Orthodox Jewish smugglers. Abraham’s New York buyers — Deland, Snyder, and Farnham — were also moving contraband cigarettes from Simon and Michael Moshel, a pair of pious Jewish brothers from New York City. The Moshels started out selling fruits and vegetables when they immigrated to the United States from Israel. After selling their produce business, they launched a plastic bag manufacturing plant, and then, among other ventures, began importing goods such as jeans, counterfeit batteries, and fake Marlboros.

as fast as simon appeared in Guyana he disappeared enter amir oren

very little can be found about amir oren except for a series of shell companies set up in panana and one inactive shell in california

AMIR OREN, director, Panama flag DA TRADECOM CORPORATION (Panama, 30 Oct 2009- )
AMIR OREN, secretario, Panama flag DA TRADECOM CORPORATION (Panama, 30 Oct 2009- )
AMIR OREN, director, Panama flag C.O.S.C.O., S.A. (Panama, 22 Dec 2010- )
AMIR OREN, secretario, Panama flag MOVILOT PANAMA S.A. (Panama, 30 Jul 2012- )
AMIR OREN, tesorero, Panama flag DA TRADECOM CORPORATION (Panama, 30 Oct 2009- )
AMIR OREN, presidente, Panama flag DA TRADECOM CORPORATION (Panama, 30 Oct 2009- )
AMIR OREN, agent, United States flag inactive JANORE INC (California (US), 3 Feb 2006- )
AMIR OREN, tesorero, Panama flag GIPROSVYAZ PANAMA CORPORATION (Panama, 17 Jun 2009- )
AMIR OREN, director, Panama flag MOVILOT PANAMA S.A. (Panama, 30 Jul 2012- )
AMIR OREN, presidente, Panama flag C.O.S.C.O., S.A. (Panama, 22 Dec 2010- )

a series of bogus shell companies are also registered to simon

SIMON D. MOSHESHVILI, director, Panama flag MOVILOT HAITI S.A. (Panama, 6 Oct 2010- )
SIMON D. MOSHESHVILI, presidente, Panama flag MOVILOT HAITI S.A. (Panama, 6 Oct 2010- )
SIMON D. MOSHESHVILI, presidente, Panama flag MOVILOT S.A. (Panama, 6 Oct 2010- )
SIMON D. MOSHESHVILI, director, Panama flag MOVILOT S.A. (Panama, 6 Oct 2010- )
SIMON MOSHESHVILI, presidente, Panama flag MOVILOT PANAMA S.A. (Panama, 30 Jul 2012- )

they have movilot in common but note there is nothing to do with parking anywhere in that lot of the two combined

one site veriogrup that does have a nice bio of amir is a shell with a business address in turkey but claims operating offices in russia, panama and a data centre in staten island owned by a real japanese company
funny things is this same site has simon having a computer science degree from a university in georgia. but simon forgot to include that in his bio to the federal judge. because it’s all bullshit. he migrated to israel as a child from georgia then left israel for new york

let’s stop here cause this shit gets even more bizzarre
these are the investors ifa kamau cush has brought to guyana
these are his friends his backers and his masters

ifa kamau cush is busy buck dancing for his masters
maybe he’ll even entice some of you back to the plantation
pick your poison and flip a coin
heads they win tail you loose

bid em in ifa kamau cush



























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  1. […] but thanks to stabroek news and kaieteur news for running with it 🙂 kinda funny both cush and his backers are convicted felons. it’s possible they met in […]

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