Guyana police do not understand rules or law

RULE of LAW – must meaning also the role of the police and the exercise of their duties and responsibilities towards the citizens of this country. Guyanese have experienced over the last 50 years – successive governments – whether under the Peoples National Congress (PNC) or the Peoples Progressive Party (PPP) – a level of political involvement and influence over the conduct of the security forces that is beyond reproach. 

The Paramountcy of the “party” in power still exist – perhaps not as glaring as it used to be in the recent past.

The Rule of Law must mean that the police officers must uphold the police motto : “Service and Protection” by treating all citizens equally, fairly and with the highest Respect for their Human Rights, as stipulated under the constitution of Guyana.  

The level of injustice carried out by a section of the Police force, in open defiance of the “Rule of Law” is utterly shameful and politicians and the rich class in society are guilty of this blatant abuse of the Justice system. 

Mr. Nagamootoo is well aware of all of the above, since he has been in the forefront of the struggle for Independence and the Struggle against dictatorial rule and should never be afraid to speak the Truth. History is the record of what happened in the past and how people were affected and who were the victims. Those were citizens who were always fighting for the Rights of the majority of ordinary people and we’re prevented from doing so.

It is true that this new administration has opened up new challenges regarding the conduct of the police and the conduct of people who are in important public places. The right to speak is more pronounced under the Granger administration – but there is still a far way to go to achieve “Equality of Justice” where citizens are treated “justly and fairly”.

 Our citizens are told that they must hold “their elected and appointed personnel to account”. 

“Hold your Ministers and elected officials to account and put their feet to the fire”, was the remark of President Granger – not very long ago.  

The old saying : “Justice must not only be done, but must be seen to be done” still holds today – when citizens are expecting. so much and receive so little. By M. J. Rahman

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