Nigel Hughes would not be fit to become President of Guyana – what is it that GRANGER is not doing that Hughes will do for the people of Guyana? He showed no sign that he is capable of holding such an office – as some commentators have suggested.

I suggested his best place n Guyana is to be the President of the Guyana Bar Association – which needs a HUGE stimulus to make it function in a modern society.
Surprisingly, Nigel played no role in making that LEGAL FRATERNITY work – even as an entity working in the interest of JUSTICE and FAIRNESS. That is the place he should operate – to make that body a voice of DEMOCRACY and FREEDOM. He must prove that he is capable of challenging the STATUS QUO.

Local admirer of Hughes, Freddie Kissoon, the Kaieteur News, commentator, thinks that Hughes is a modern day Walter Rodney – the most cynical view coming from someone who is literate. Walter Rodney cannot be compared by anyone in Guyana – at this time in our History. Walter Rodney was completely on the side of the working class and the small farmers of this country. Anyone who want to emulate Rodney must straddle that road – without fear or favour !

Rodney would never have tolerated the sort of passive resistance coming from leading members of the AFC and others in the COALITION – engage in cover ups – rather standing a distinctive position. The COALITION must function – but in the interest of the poor and the oppressed – in particular !

There is no evidence that Nigel Hughes has any links with the workers or peasant Movement in Guyana – who are the WEALTH producers in the country. His resignation as the CHAIRMAN of the AFC – because he did not get the AFC cabinet members or EC members to agree to have FORMAL TALKS with the APNU (led by the PNC) to discuss the POLITICS of the country – does not auger well for someone who is in a significant leadership position.

Nigel has DEMONSTRATED his inexperience and inability to MOBILISE the ordinary members of the AFC against the leadership of the AFC to have regular discussion with the APNU leadership on the DIRECTION of the Government and not to allow the Nagamootoo, Ramjattan and Dominic Gaskin (Granger son-in-law) grouping to dominate the membership of the AFC. The AFC should have a congress like the PNC – where its members can openly debate and discuss the progress or lack of progress of the COALITION.

The members of the AFC must be accountable to its membership and the country – at large. Hughes can STILL DO THAT – since Ramjattan has left the door WIDE OPEN – virtually telling the nation that the Nigel is in hibernation. Nigel must wake up !!

Can Hughes offer that type of REVOLUTIONARY leadership – only the events to come will prove his courage and leadership quality. I remember when I spoke of the FIRST AFC Conference – he – as Chairman of the event – tried to “paper over” what I told the conference that ” the JAGDEO-PPP must be removed by any means necessary”.

Nigel Hughes was afraid that the PPP would have accused the AFC of planning a coup. Far from it – that was not my intention, but the AFC delegates and observers gave me a standing ovation – prompting Ramjattan not to allow me to stay for the rest of the conference, following an invitation from my friend, Nigel.

What I said at the AFC conference and I will repeat here now – “the working class cannot allow a government – even if it is democratically elected – to misrule and mismanagement the country’s affairs.
Coups don’t solve the ills of society – mass action can does ! The LEADERSHIP of the AFC has moved into a COMFORT ZONE – enjoying the “GOOD LIFE” – alluded by the President of Guyana.

The President, ORIGINALLY wanted the “good life” for the masses of ordinary people – but that SLOGAN is under threat by the lack of JOBS and the OPPORTUNITY for sustainable jobs for the young and long term unemployed.

The “sleeping” chairman of the AFC – Nigel – has said nothing about the “SLEEPING GIANT” – Noel Holder – the Minister of Agriculture – who continues to ruin the agriculture sector – who continues to employ George Jervis, a PPP-appointed Permanent Secretary. Jervis has ORDERED a new CELLPHONE from the GRDB (Rice Board) for the Agri-Minister – paid by rice farmers.

The PPP offered some LEADERSHIP QUALITY TIPS in its last Election campaign – which Nigel can use for his elevation. A leader must posses qualities far above the people that he or she leads – COURAGE, HONESTY, INTEGRITY, MORALITY, FEARLESSNESS and above all TAKE DECISIONS in the interest of the most DEPRESSED and EXPLOITED in the society.


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