the make america great again chant of the lunatics

american tv is such rubbish it has to be damaging to the brain
flicked on tele and landed on cbs looking for football or whatever sports related might be on
reporter chap is interviewing some folks about donald trump at various rallies
i still believe this loon will be president. he has the numbers in his favour barring a miracle
first one up lady sitting in front of a door at 630 am waiting on a trump rally to start 7pm that day

reporter: why are you here?
lady: my children will remember this day?
reporter: no. why are you here this early
lady: you know am ashamed to say it but this is the first time am voting. i really didnt care about all this til trump came along
she sits in her lawn chair with a pink ‘trump girl’ t-shirt
she cant explain one thing about trump, america or the elections but she’s inspired
wooo hoooo

reporter: why are you here?
man: i am angry man
reporter: angry about what?
man: man i am just angry you know. been angry a long time so am here today

woo hooo
make america great again

reporter: what do you like about trump?
man: he got a little ronald reagan in him
reporter: ronald reagan?
man: yea
reporter: explain what about ronald reagan you see in trump
man: maaaan you see i dont really know, see i wasn’t born around that time so i really dont know
reporter: hmmmmmm ok. thank you

the chant goes up
we want trump
we want trump
make america great again
make america great again
politics is always a game for the white power brokers of america
when america was great, Afro Americans were being lynched almost daily
people are actually convinced that donald will change america as they believed barack will change america as they believed george will change america as they believed bill would change america et cetera et cetera
four years from now some will disappear in disgust
some will reappear renewed and others will never be heard from again
maybe they’ll join the army and march off to war
or maybe they’ll walk into a building and slaughter everyone

that’s what great about america
death and destruction
as the empire continues its slow decline
new enemies will be created and destroyed

this should not be read as an endorsement of the other devil in the race

One response to “the make america great again chant of the lunatics”

  1. Mark, I wish we-the-people in the USA had your clear-sighted vision of America’s true greatness, as expressed in your last four lines. Only the gods know when and how it will all end.

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