Natasha Smith pregnancy has infuriated the puritans in Guyana’s party of god

l’affaire natasha smith been percolating for a few days in Guyana but i ignored the whole thing until i read she was send on Self reflection leave
am not sure what that means but coming from a government agency it must be good for natasha
before i continue i should say i went out drinking beers with a friend a couple years back and met natasha smith on her birthday
i didnt pick up any moral debauchery at that time but i was drinking beers like i said

yesterday me and john wukkin in the backdam and i decided to throw the matter out to him for discussion. he is mostly a cane cutter but also my most trusted philosopher as of late
john, a woman get knock off from the govt tv station cause they say she pregnant
mark, de moe i hear bout dis govt de less i waan hear bout dem you know. dem and de woman had a contract about not gettin pregnant?
ah doan kno
if dey don’t have no aggreement wid de woman how dey gon knock she off? wuh dey want? dey waan she throw way she belly an’ den she cant mek moe chirren? mark let me tell you something here. you see dis govt. let me tell you something. i dont know what the scunt dese people doing but i gon tell you one thing. i does always say one thing
what is dat?
before dat, de odda day i see dat one joe harmon pon de front page of de paper the odda day with BK. now isnt dis the same BK Harmon get in trouble wid before? but anyhow somebody waan fuck dat woman. dat is the problem! tek it from me. dat what goin on deh

i took a moment to digest that part and thought to m’self. john might be on to something

natasha smith interviewing president granger before the age of sin
natasha smith interviewing president granger before the age of sin with two gate keepers

when i first heard Self reflection leave i thought reflect on your sins baby!
seek forgiveness and get married holy Mary mother of sweet baby Jesus
mary was married to joseph right?

someone working with minister of health norton told me and I know heard good that a shipment of chastity belts are sitting in the govt bond
that might be the bigger scandal than the fact that the bond is a racket deal and sitting on the edge of a big stinking trench
norton hpv scandal & reversal is now so 80s no one talks about it
norton people told me chastity belts will soon be issued to all unmarried govt employed females
the unmarried minister of state Joe Harmon will address this at 10am press conference tomor [today] at the holy ministry of the presidency
i was curious how many unmarried females were in the cabinet and senior govt positions
and if belts were ordered for them too
they didn’t want to talk about the unmarried males and if there was a program for them

to clear matters up i called NCN and got put on to a big one who asked that i not use dem name
so tell me about this natasha smith baby bump dust up
instead of answering me, the person started to sing
fyah pon dem / dem nah live right
bare iniquity pon de tv screen / jah jah save us now

excuse me. are you singing chezidek? i want to know about this natasha smith matter
what you want to know?
why yall sending natasha home?
she’s out of order. you didnt see granger raise the bible at his swearing in?
out of order? are you serious? yea i saw bobby vieira give granger the bible. oh by the way you know your CEO once forged checks?
so what’s that got to do with anything?
NCN is led by a check forger but you sending home a woman cause she pregnant. isn’t that discrimination?
mark you are being ridiculous. natasha violated NCN policy
oh i ridiculous? hmm ok. can i have a copy of the policy?
i don’t have a copy here
when can i get one?
check back next week
what day?
anyday? by the way what brand of puritanism do you subscribe to Elizabethan or Jacobean?
what’s that?
ok never mind that. is it because she is not married?

not sure if she hang up on me or me on she but after that there was no more talking going on

discussion is already underway to rename a certain faction of the apnu afc puritannical govt
the new grouping shall be called hezbollah
the only sticking point is they cant seem to decide if it should be called party of allah or party of god

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