encountering those who want to kill you is like [fill in the blanks]

yellow flower #1


some people right here in chicken in every pot country guyana threatened to kill me a few moons back over something i said they didnt approve
as god is my witness i forgot to get the approval from them
and also forgot to apologise for not getting it
if you know nothing about me know that i have a bad short term memory
yesterday i picked up the tele to talk to someone who i cant really explain how owe me a few coins
it’s one of them
she doesn’t remember me and rude as ever
but apparently she and her pals have now found jesus
alleleujah and amen
or maybe they had jesus by they side all this time and mine was to be a mercy killing
god is good all the time

which remember me of the time i was standing nose to nose with another wouldbe assassin of mine
this chap had a detailed murder plan outlined for me
he was standing in front of me fumbling about for something he had lost
i eyed him curiously
he mumbled something in disgust
looks like he had lost something

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