17 months ago today anil nandlall’s crew murdered Courtney Crum-Ewing

because you have choose to misremember, don’t think everyone else has
to know is pain
and your ignorance will not suffocate me

the monthly vigil will be held on monday 15 august instead of today 10th at middle & carmichael as per normale. sorry to all those who were ready and rearing to go today

Dear Editor:
I’ve perused the golden joob calendar of festivities. Most troubling to me is no mention is made of Courtney Crum-Ewing.
I have my own opinions about the joob and made a decision to boycott all related festivities months ago based on what I see as foot dragging and unwillingness in solving this crime.
It is not my intention to rain on anyone’s parade or stop my fellow Guyanese from enjoying the extra two hours of rum and fun with the extension of the curfew. These are just my humble opinions not canonical gospels.
The APNU AFC coalition rode to victory on the back of Courtney Crum-Ewingand no amount of mis-remembering will change that. He deserves better than this.


2 responses to “17 months ago today anil nandlall’s crew murdered Courtney Crum-Ewing”

  1. Where are your heroes, Guyana?

  2. […] a desire, a dream and a fantasy we don’t need social cohesion propaganda. what we need is justice for crum-ewing, and all victims of crime & violence, fair wages, electricity, water, jobs, economic […]

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