Four south african women protest their rapist ‘president’ jacob zuma #RememberKhwezi

gotta love this
four women stood up in front of the podium as jacob zuma was rambling on about election results and reminded him that he is a rapist. this took place at the Independent Electoral Commission head quarters

Four women, the president and the protest that shook the election results ceremony

The posters read: “I am 1 in 3”, “#”, “10 years later”, “Khanga” and “Remember Khwezi”. The posters referred to the woman Zuma was accused of raping 10 years ago. The woman, known only as Khwezi, reportedly wore a khanga (a decorated cotton fabric that people drape around themselves) before the rape. The first poster referred to statistics which indicate one in three women in South Africa are sexually abused in their lifetime.

without shame Bathabile Dlamini the loyal slave leading the ANC women league jumped to protect her rapist leader and is demanding an apology from the electoral commission
“We demand that the chairperson of the IEC apologises to the president and it must be done with immediate effect.”

“It wasn’t planned, it was spontaneous. I said to my sisters: ‘how am I going to listen to this man, when a few weeks ago we were protesting this man?’,” Simamkele Dlakavu said.

The silent protest was a refusal, Dlakavu said, to be silent when rape and gender-based violence has become widespread in the country. Although Zuma was acquitted of the charges, the young protester says that an acquittal does not mean the president is innocent.

“We refuse not to name and shame rapists. We refuse to let the country forget, because it happened,” Dlakavu said.


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