Black businesses & entrepreneurs largely ignored by apnu afc govt

black owned businesses have not feared well under apnu afc, maybe there are future plans
given the precarious nature of life of these business owners and potential entrepreneurs, they might be reaping those rewards in the afterlife
those who make it to heaven that is
the ascendance of the parasitic negroe class under apnu afc is nothing but phenomenal
they wasted no time asserting their power and pissing on everything marking their territory
you have the great clean up, jubilee park, parking meters, the presidentail park and all the various odious hustle schemes at city hall and other areas under got control
we’ve chronicled some of these negroes in depth
bobby ‘mafiosi’ vieira, larry london, bk tiwari, ifa kamau cush et cetera et cetera
the parasitic class for the most part seem assembled around a certain teflon don juan minister in the presidency
the great hamoniser of things
one of your would be future aspiring presidents

old negroes in guyana are permanently afraid of what straight hair negroes like jagdeo and his supporters think
oh gawd we cyaan do duh, wuh dem people gon t’ink? it gon look bad

this sort of low grade thinking has paralysed many a negroe over the last two decades
so much so that many curly haired negroes were actively waiting for a call from freedumb house cause they saw this as their only way out of the muck not revolting against the ppp
any talk of revolt, active or passive was met with frightened eyes
how we gon boycott de people business? dem gon get vex
a call from jagdeo or one of the other low grade negroes of the ppp was the best scenario for them
aye man you mus come leh we talk

a prominent $upporter of the apnu afc election campaign has not received a call or any govt business since surujbally made his final tallyup
this supporter provides an essential national service and received business under the ppp
another $upporter opened a business and invited the who is who of apnu afc but none bothered to show up
would be entrepreneurs are daily tormented by the use of the same bidding documents and requirements of the ppp
if you were sidelined under the ppp or just ignored by those racist mad dogs how could you have 3 or 5 years experience?
how could you show $5 million annual turn over for the past 3 years?

taking the weak route apnu afc is fiddling with superficial reforms, unwilling to make the hard decisions
the old scamps are doing business and the kickbak machine is well oiled
certain old negroes are making up for their lost years under the ppp

i hear the minister of agriculture is dead set against an agri bank
guess all those young black farmers and entrepreneurs will continue on down the road to IPED, Food for the Poor and UNICEF for possible funding

“The basic confrontation which seemed to be colonialism versus anti-colonialism, indeed capitalism versus socialism, is already losing its importance. What matters today, the issue which blocks the horizon, is the need for a redistribution of wealth. Humanity will have to address this question, no matter how devastating the consequences may be.” ― Frantz Fanon, The Wretched of the Earth

maybe drinking from the same cup as jagdeo now, some negroes believe they are safe
and that their supporters wont revolt against them
the ANC suffering from the same malady & Julius Malema is now chasing them down the streets

The other thing is that young people have to get the opportunity to go into private enterprise and fields like agro-processing and this will be one of the areas in both the hinterland and coastland in which young people could get this new technology so that from the time they leave school, they will be able to enter into some form of private enterprise,” the President said.

how? where will the financing come from? how will they able to enter the arena and compete or become relevant with all that cocaine money and the rest stolen from the treasury dominating ALL sectors of the economy?

how will they transition into some form of private enterprise when there is no form of affirmative action?

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